Marvelous Modernist and Graphic Ceramics From Pawena Studio.

Ceramics from Pawena Studio

If you could combine the best styles, shapes, colors and craft of traditional forms of pottery from all over the world, you get the beautiful ceramic pieces and tableware of Pawena Thimaporn and her Los Angeles design studio, Pawena Studio.

A graduate in Graphic Design from my Alma Mater (the Art Center College of Design) Pawena’s elegant yet raw hand made ceramics combine various global and historical influences in a contemporary style that, in their own right, are timeless.

Ceramics From Pawena Studio

pawena studio ceramics

Minimal color blocking, graphics and silhouettes are reminiscent of Japanese Minimalism, her whimsical faces and charm recall Alexander Girard and Scandinavian design, while the wonderful textures and craft are similar to that of Native American Indian pottery.

modern ceramics

handmade ceramics

mugs and cups

Her handmade mugs, vases, planters, trays and other tableware have a modernist look with contemporary proportions that make them both functional and decorative. Simply beautiful.

modern stoneware

modern ceramics

pawena studio

pawena studio ceramics

handmade ceramics

modern stoneware

modern planters

pawena studio vases

handmade stoneware

stoneware planters

stoneware pitchers

stoneware vase

handmade planters

ceramic stoneware trays

handmade planters

ABOUT THE ARTIST: (from her website)
Pawena Thimapor

Pawena spent her childhood in the countryside of Thailand surrounded by nature. Her usual day when not in school was playing with the materials she found in nature around her: wooden sticks, clay and mud.

Some of Pawena's sketches
Some of Pawena’s sketches

Growing up on a farm, Pawena would often help her mother make things by hand, and it was here that she first learned to crochet, sew and embroider. For Pawena, the feeling of working with her hands still transports her back to that time and brings her comfort.

ceramic work in progress
her work in progress

Pawena began her career studying Industrial Design with a major in Ceramics at KMIT in Bangkok, Thailand. She then moved to the United States and completed an additional undergraduate degree in Graphic Design at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. Since graduating 15 years ago, Pawena has been working full time in the design industry, but has always made sure to find time to make things by hand outside of work to keep her true passion alive, and she has recently had the opportunity to return to her first love of ceramic design with the founding of Pawena Studio in 2015.

The Xiem Clay Center
The Xiem Clay Center where Pawena glazes and fires her work

Pawena lives and works in Los Angeles with her husband, also a graphic designer, and her two boys.

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