This Latest Innovative Print Ad for Glacial Beer Will Leave You Cold.

Innovative Print Ad for Glacial Beer

We’ve seen an annual report you have to cook to read, moving magazine covers from TIME and Wallpaper, a BBQ Bible that functions as a cutting board and more, the first interactive print ad and now, a print ad that when soaked in water, can be wrapped around a beer, popped in the freezer and it will chill in half the usual time. 

glacial ad front and back IIHIH

Ogilvy Brazil came up with a magazine ad for Kirin Brasil’s Glacial beer that functions as a bottle chiller. Just tear it out,  soak it in water, wrap it around a beer and stick it in the freezer to chill it in half the time it normally takes. Salt particles embedded in the paper expedite the process because they reduce the freezing point of water.

tearing ad out of magazine

The print ad comes with instructions for use. Loosely translated it reads ” Wrap the ad around the bottle ; throw it in water and put the bottle in the freezer. Your beer is going to be ready for consumption in half the time.”  The title of the piece ‘Cold glacial faster, has game ‘ relates to the positioning of the brand  which is ‘Glacial has game.’


About the beer: Kirin Glacial

In the market since 2003, Glacial beer was created to please true beer lovers, those who know how to appreciate the value of a good beer at the end of a hard day of work.

Elaborated with high quality ingredients, including water from mineral sources found more than 250 meters underground, Glacial is a blonde and crystalline beer with intense body and a mild and refreshing flavor. A perfect beverage to go along with a good barbecue, soccer game with friends or for any occasion that involves plenty of joy and casualness.

Glacial is available in the 600-ml and 1-L bottles, as well as in the 350-ml or 473-ml cans.

Ogilvy Brasil