Limited Edition Lady Garden Tights by Heist

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Chances are you weren’t specifically looking for tights with vajayjays on them, but not only are these pretty, they benefit a great cause. Featuring a subtle vulva-inspired floral print, 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of these Limited Edition Lady Garden tights by Heist go to support Gynecological Cancer Awareness and Women’s Health.

Lady Garden Tights by Heist

heist lady garden tights IIHIH

If you’re not familiar with the slang term “Lady Garden” chances are you didn’t expect sexy black tights with a floral motif inspired by the wondrous, glorious vulva – all rendered in sustainably sheer 35 denier. The tights are made by the UK’s Heist, a sustainable brand of women’s figure flattering shapewear.

vulva patterned tights

100% of net profits from all sales of these limited edition tights goes to The Lady Garden Foundation, a national women’s health charity, raising awareness and funding for gynecological or gynaecological (the UK spelling) health.

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The line drawings of Roses, Irises and Tulips allude to women’s genitalia in a subtle enough manner that you can wear these in public with only a few noticing the likeness.

Key Features & Benefits
Gravity-defying: no gusset means no sagging.
Comfier: our High Waistband doesn’t dig or roll, it hugs.
Stronger: our durable yarn is better for you and our planet.
Custom print designed with The Lady Garden

Care Instructions
Sustainable, made from recycled yarns. 75% Polyamide (Q-Nova® by Fulgar), 25% Elastane Eco-smart. Ideally, we recommend hand washing. Realistically, machine wash with care (cold 30C and gentle).

Price? $45 USD.

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all images courtesy of Heist