The LaCie Christofle Sphere – One Fancy Schmancy External Drive.

Christofle sphere for LaCie

Designed by Christofle with technology by LaCie, this spherical external drive is hand-crafted and silvered in France. It’s pretty, it’s pricey and it’s fast.

LaCie Christofle Sphere

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When LaCie wanted to design luxury storage products, they went to one of the most recognized and respected brands in France – Christofle. Since its founding in 1830, Christofle has been producing beautiful silver pieces in its Haute Orfevrerie workshop. In addition to flatware, Christofle also produces furniture and sculpture – keeping the company on the forefront of design and innovation.

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The LaCie Christofle Sphere external drive is unique and beautiful with a hand-crafted silver-plated steel chassis. It features high-speed USB 3.0, 1TB of storage, and is even powered through the USB cable, so no power cord is ever necessary. At $490, it’s the most expensive 1TB drive on the market, but you’re buying it for more than it’s capabilities. Your’e buying it for it’s beauty and prestige.

A unique piece of hardware, Sphere combines modernity and technology through a contemporary design. A jewel of technology, essential accessory for high-end desktop curves and sobriety to suit all types of environments, ranging from the modern to the classic.

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Master Craftsmanship:

Since its founding in France in the 1830s, Christofle has symbolized luxury and elegance. The LaCie Sphère demonstrates Christofle’s commitment to innovative design for every era. Its unique round shape requires silversmiths in Christofle’s Normandy workshop to conduct a precise manual silver plating procedure.


They stamp it with Christofle’s hallmark signature and then polish for perfect brightness. This time-consuming process results in a bold silhouette and highly reflective surface.

christofle spherical external drive

The piece is engraved and given The Millennium Hallmark, which lets the buyer know that it’s handmade and authentic.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

The LaCie Sphère is as practical as it is beautiful. It features high-speed USB 3.0, which makes file transfers and backups nearly three times faster than with USB 2.0. Its 1TB of storage also gives you enough space for years of backups or an extensive photo, video, and music library. The LaCie Sphère is even powered through the USB cable, so no power cord is ever necessary.

silver-plated hard drive

• Automatic Backup: Easy setup and automatic worry-free backup for both PC and Mac® computers.

• Password Protection: LaCie Private-Public software ensures your files remain completely confidential.

• 90% Energy Savings: Automatic Eco Mode lowers power usage by up to 90%* when the drive is idle.

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Buy it here Sadly, the sphere is sold out everywhere and no longer being made.

images courtesy of LaCie, Christofle and CNET