Screw The Tiara, I’ll Take One of Martyn Bullard’s Silver Kingdom Crowns.

Martyn Bullard Crowns

When it comes to useless luxury items, this has got to be up there with the best of them. Interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard has collaborated with French brand Christofle on a pair of regal headwear. Read more

The Bronze Age Collection. Beautiful Chairs of Molten Metal By Tjep.

The Bronze Age Collection by Tjep Three stunningly hand-crafted chairs by designer Frank Tjepkema look ‘light’ because of their unique design, yet are strong, durable and elegant pieces cast of melted bronze. The chairs, which are available for purchase, will also be part of an upcoming collaborative presentation from MEET MY PROJECT and Christofle of Paris. Read more

The LaCie Christofle Sphere – One Fancy Schmancy External Drive.

Christofle sphere for LaCie

Designed by Christofle with technology by LaCie, this spherical external drive is hand-crafted and silvered in France. It’s pretty, it’s pricey and it’s fast. Read more