Christmas Dogs Paddy and Raggle by Photographer Peter Thorpe


Christmas Dogs by photographer Peter Thorpe is an adorable series in which he has been dressing up his obliging dogs – first Paddy, then Raggle –  every year for their family Christmas Cards. Both dogs’ patience and star quality combined with Peter’s photography, own handmade props and no Photoshop have made these cards cute, clever and of course, Christmas-y.

Christmas Dogs by Peter Thorpe

Peter says on his blog that 3 children and now over 20 Christmases later, making these cards has become something of a family tradition and a lovely record to treasure. I have to agree. I’ve got almost every one from the past 24 years for you here. I took it upon myself to enlarge some of the dog’s faces from some of them since they are so darn cute. Given Raggle’s old age and weak heart, this will be her last appearance. Hopefully Peter will continue the series with yet another adorable critter. (update: The pics are now available in a book! Bark, The Herald Angels Sing)

First, with Raggle.

2014 Lil Nipper Raggle:
christmas dogs by peter thorpe
'Little Nipper' dog dressed as mouse

2013 Red-Breasted Raggle (I couldn’t find the tilte for this one, so made this name up):
Red Breasted Raggle 2013 card IIHIH

2012 Bah Humbug Raggle:
dog dressed as scrooge

2011 Penguin Raggle:
dog dressed as penguin
'Penguin' detail Raggle 2011

2010 Sheepdog Raggle:
'Sheepdog' Raggle  dog dressed as sheep
dog as sheep

2009 Dog Roast Raggle:
dog as roasted turkey
'Dog Roast' detail Raggle 2009

2007 Dogkey Raggle:
dog dressed as donkey
'Dogkey' Raggle detail 2007

2006 Cameldog Raggle:
dog as camel
'Cameldog' detail Raggle 2006

2004 Scrubbed Up Raggle:
'scrubbed up' Raggle photos
dirty dog and clean dog

And now with Paddy.

2001 Choirboy Paddy:
dog as choirboy
'Choirboy' detail Paddy 2001

2000 Fairy Paddy:
dog as treetopper
dog fairy

1999 Lights, Camera, Action Paddy:
on the set

1998 Nativity Paddy:
'Nativity' Paddy 1998 card IIHIH
'Nativity' detail Paddy 1998

1996 Robbers Paddy:
'Robbers" Paddy 1996
'Robbers" detail Paddy 1996

1995 Snowballs Paddy:
'Snowballs' Paddy 1995 card IIHIH
dog as snowman

1994 Pigdog Paddy:
dog under mistletoe

1993 Bouncers (The Three Wisemen) Paddy:
peter thorpe photography
dog in bouncer

1991 Heavenly Cherubs Paddy:
peter thorpe dog photos
'Heavenly Cherubs' detail Paddy 1991

1990 Rudolph Paddy:
'Rudolph' Paddy 1990 card IIHIH

Check out his website to see his commercial photography and his blog for more.

Images courtesy of Peter’s flickr stream and blog

UPDATE 2016: Paddy and Raggle have now been immortalized in a new book from Peter Thorpe. Learn all about Bark! The Herald Angels Sing here

A thank you to Evelyn Morris Hecht for bringing this series to my attention.