Special Edition Krink Fiberglass Side-Shell Chair

The Special Edition Krink Fiberglass Side-Shell Chair

The classic Eames style side shell fiberglass chair gets a shimmery treatment from artist Krink and Modernica with the Special Edition Krink Fiberglass Side-Shell Chair.

Special Edition Krink Fiberglass Side-Shell Chair

Special Edition Krink Fiberglass Side-Shell Chair

Modernica and Krink team up to bring a new color with a unique shimmer to a California design icon. Understated and neutral at first-glance, a closer look reveals the Krink Fiberglass Side-Shell shines in classic Krink silver. The individual strands of fiberglass catch and hold the silver-pigments producing a soft luster with changing light and perspective.


As two companies who produce handmade goods in the USA, Modernica is extremely pleased with this collaborative work that sees New York City and Los Angeles sensibilities perfectly combined.
The Krink Fiberglass Side-Shell chair comes in Krink silver with solid walnut dowels, black wire and embossed plate on bottom with Krink logo. Open edition. Handmade in the USA.

$395 USD, If still available, find it here

About Krink:
Based in NYC, Krink is a creative company producing high-quality inks and markers, as well as art and design projects. Krink markers started as a must-have staple in New York City street-culture and have since expanded into artists studios. Krink is the premier brand of markers and ink for a new generation of artists worldwide. All Krink products are handmade in the USA. Bringing a distinct and unique aesthetic to creative projects, Krink has collaborated with iconic brands to create one-of-a-kind products and participated in art projects ranging from museum shows to public art projects. For more information, please visit krink.com.