KILLSPENCER Premium Sporting Goods Are More Like Sporting Greats.

KS 24k and black BBall kit IIHIH

Industrial designer Spencer Nikosey (a graduate from my Alma Mater, Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design)  is a self-professed craftsman at heart. What began as a personal project to create the perfect, sustainable, waterproof backpack quickly grew into a full time business that now designs and manufacturers both women’s and men’s luxury leather goods in Silverlake, CA. They carry many fine products, but their selection of beautifully designed boxing, baseball, basketball and other sporting goods combine luxury, style and functionality.

indoor bball kits in situ IIHIH

These are sophisticated and premium made-to-order handcrafted pieces and the prices reflect that. Tastefully made of fine materials, the following products would make stunning gifts for anyone who has a true appreciation of sport, design and craft.

KS indoor bball kits IIHIH

Transform your home or office with their Indoor Mini Basketball Kit. The Indoor Mini Basketball Kit ‘Special Edition’ has a 24-Karat ‘Conflict Free’ gold plated breakaway rim, mounted on a matte black maple backboard, featuring a black leather net with gold foil skirt.

KS All black BBall kit IIHIH

The ‘Classic Edition’ has a powder-coated black metal breakaway rim, mounted on a matte black and natural maple backboard, with a black leather KILLSPENCER® stamped net.

KS gold stamp on bball net IIHIH

Both attach to a wall using a cleat system assembly. Install and secure one cleat to the wall, then lock in place the backboard to the bracket.
**KIT comes with a Rubber Size #3 Mini Basketball (THE KILLSPENCER Indoor Mini Black Leather Basketball is sold separately)

INDOOR MINI BASKETBALL (smooth) $300 (perforated leather) $375
KS perforated and smooth basketballs IIHIH

Using their premium black full grain leather (or Perforated Black Leather) and a specific build of materials, they’ve created a high performance leather Indoor Mini-Basketball that plays like a pro-ball, but is compact for delicate ball handling.

BOXING SPEED BAG (Black Bridle and Black Naked Leather) $225.00
KS speedbag IIHIH

Their signature Boxing Speed Bag is engineered to take a beating. Crafted using a combination of black bridle leather and black naked leather, each bag is meticulously sewn with triple stitched seams, 4 oversized antique brass rivets, and finished with a waxed linen lacing. Featuring a minimal gold foil KILLSPENCER logo, this speed bag is the ultimate training device for your boxing gym, garage, office, or home.

KS boxing kit IIHIH

Their signature Boxing Kit is beautifully engineered and is a combination of a welded steel pyramid frame, powder-coated black with a walnut ply disc, a premium steel swivel, and their durable black leather Boxing Speed Bag.

It is a timeless piece that is constructed to the specifications of world-class athletes, our Boxing Kit will allow you to enjoy working out with a refreshing and simple aesthetic.

HEAVY BAG (Black Textured Leather) $1750
KS heavy bag IIHIH

Their 120 pound Heavy Bag is made out of the finest black pebbled full-grain leather, and comes with solid black hardware. Whether you are sparring, working on technique, or kickboxing, this Heavy Bag is the ticket to achieving your personal goals.

BASEBALL (Black Leather and Wool) $109
KS baseball IIHIH

Their Baseball is cut out of a premium black leather bullhide and using waxed linen thread, is hand-threaded using approximately 108 double stitches. Built to the professional league standards, the interior is made with a rubber and cork ball, wound with a combination of rough gray wool, white wool and fine white cotton to make a timeless iconic object.

BASEBALL BATS (Premium Ash Hardwood, Black Ash Hardwood, Maple Hardwood, and Walnut Hardwood) $245
KS handturned baseball bats IIHIH

Hand-turned in downtown Los Angeles using the finest solid hardwood, each Baseball Bat features a protective clear polyurethane barrel finish, and a raw unfinished handle. Each bat comes with a unique grain pattern and is designed to be minimal and unobtrusive, with their signature painted white band at the top of the handle, and intended for Major League play.

FOOTBALLS (Black Leather, Black Leather + Charcoal Grey Leather, Black Leather + Burgundy Italian Oil Suede) $350
KS leather and suede footballs IIHIH

Their American Football is hand-crafted and laced in their Silverlake workshop out of the finest leathers and suede, stamped with a gold foil emblem. American Football is a timeless tradition. There’s nothing more enjoyable than playing catch with your family and friends, going outside and breaking a sweat. Whether you are playing professionally, or just love the game, this football is an iconic object that will bring hours of enjoyment. When monogrammed, their Football is a priceless gift that will never be forgotten.

SOCCER BALL (Black Naked Leather) $400.00
KS leather soccer ball IIHIH

A testament to their team’s craftsmanship, each Soccer Ball is meticulously hand cut and assembled using a combination of 20 hexagon panels and 12 pentagon panels, and triple-stitched using premium Black Naked leather. This iconic 32 panel design was the brainchild of American Architect Buckminster Fuller, known as the Buckyball. This design became a standard and finally debuted at its first “official” FIFA world cup at Mexico in 1970.

MEDICINE BALL (Black Textured Leather) $445
KS medicine ball IIHIH

Their Medicine Ball is made out of the finest black pebbled full-grain leather and is another alternative way to get fit, tone muscles you didn’t even know you had, and have fun in the process.

Although I focused on their sports-related products, KILLSPENCER makes all types of leather goods from backpacks and duffel bags to camera bags and laptop covers. All KILLSPENCER products are designed and manufactured in their Silverlake, Los Angeles Workshop and Storefront. Most can be customized with monograms.

KILLSPENCER sporting goods

Visit them online or at Silverlake Workshop located at 2522 West Sunset Blvd Los Angeles CA 90026