Ketchup, Pho, Shitake Mushroom and Ham Flavored Candy Canes

Ketchup, Pho, Shitake Mushroom and Ham Candy Canes

We realize we are presently experiencing Labor Day and being introduced to Christmas products this early in the year often upsets people. However that’s when the holiday industry starts rolling out the newest items for 2020 and we wouldn’t want you to miss these delicacies before they are all sold out.

Bizarre Flavored Candy Canes

If you thought the Brach’s Turkey Dinner Candy Corn was feat of impressive food engineering, get a load of these. When we brought you what we thought were the Ten Weirdest Candy Cane Flavors ranging from Rotisserie Chicken to Kale, these four had yet to be created. But Thank God for the disgusting test kitchen at Archie McPhee so that we can share with you their newest flavors for 2020.

Ketchup Candy Canes
Ketchup candy canes
Ketchup Candy Canes are the ultimate condiment for Christmas. This set of six candy canes really does taste like sweet, rich, tomatoey ketchup. Each candy cane is 5-1/4″ tall with red and white stripes.

Pho Candy Canes
pho flavored candy canes
Undoubtedly not as tasty as an actual bowl of pho at your favorite Vietnamese restaurant, this set of six tan & green candy canes is said to have a similar herby elixir taste.

Hamdy Candy Canes
ham candy canes
Deli fresh ham-flavored candy canes in a box illustrated with a personified ham with a cane. Each candy cane is 5-1/4″ tall with pink and white stripes and his like sucking on a canned ham.
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Shitake Mushroom Candy Canes
Shitake Mushroom Candy Canes
If a Japanese-flavored mushroom candy cane was at the top of your wish list, your wish has come true. Each of the six Shitake Mushroom flavored treats is 5-1/4″ tall with brown and white stripes.

A shout out to Evan Reynolds for bring these to our attention!

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