Organic Wine in Wild Bottle Designs by Karim Rashid.

karim rashid organic wines

As big fans of Karim Rashid’s bottle designs, we have previously featured several on our blog. When we learned that creative brand of wine, fashion and style, Athanor, teamed up with the industrial designer for his own exclusive collection of wines, we were anxious to see the bottle designs. The new organic Italian wine bottle designs, not yet available, do not disappoint and will come in these fabulously funky bottles designed by Karim.

Karim Rashid Organic Wines

Karim Rashid Organic Wines

We have no idea what the organic wine will taste like but we believe the grapes will come from Oltrepò Pavese, an area of the Province of Pavia, in the north-west Italian region of Lombardyas. As for the bottles (we got a sneak peek on Rashid’s Instagram) they are designed in Rashid’s inimitable style, what we like to call Modern-Memphis-meets-Organic-Neon.

The glassware shown in the photos is also by Karim Rashid. It’s from his Sakred collection designed for Krosno.

Organic Red:
karim rashid organic red wine

Organic White:
karim rashid wines

Anthanor who specializes in Italian Alchemical Wines, says the wines are “Coming soon.”

About Anthanor Winery, United Kingdom:
Date: 23/04/2020

Like Sir John Dee in his space-time, we have a different, more complete view of reality. There are worlds that go beyond apparent reality, superior worlds that can be reached and seen with the intellect and with the spirit. It is the spirit that elevates us from material reality to bring us into connection with realities that are beyond the visible world. Well, we have had access to these superior worlds.

Sir John Dee has done extraordinary works by laying fundamental foundations for understanding the physical world and beyond, he has created tools with which he has come into communication with the higher worlds. We applied Dee’s esoteric knowledge to winemaking, the wine being the result of an alchemical process, to obtain not only material, but unity of spirit and matter. And we are convinced that we were guided by angels.

Our philosophy is mainly the esoteric one, of course. Ours is not just a product, we don’t have a so- called corporate philosophy, we are far beyond these things. We consider wine as the result of an alchemic process, where the winemaker is a wise alchemist who completes a work that had remained unfinished by Nature. The winemaking process for us is clever alchemy.

karim rashid organic wine bottles

Anthanor brand

Karim Rashid Organic Wines coming soon here.