The "R rated" Ballpoint Pen Drawings of Juan Francisco Casas

Juan Francisco Casas Ballpoint Pen Drawings

A friend of mine brought the amazing ballpoint pen drawings of Juan Francisco Casas (actual full name is Juan Francisco Casas Ruiz) to my attention via Twitter, which sent me to this article in the UK’s Daily Mail. Since it was published over a year ago, I was able to do a little research and find his more recent and compelling works.

Juan Francisco Casas Ballpoint Pen Drawings

Juan Francisco Casas Ballpoint Pen Drawings

Clearly more scandalous and edgy, his 2009 illustrations reek with homoeroticism and a “fuck you” attitude toward art – and are certainly more interesting than those shown in the Daily Mail article.

The following images are NSFW:
erotic ballpoint pen drawings

Juan Francisco Casas drawings

Juan Francisco Casas erotic art

Juan Francisco Casas ballpoint pen drawings

Clearly not for conservative publications, his 2008 and 2009 drawings are impressive in both their detail and scale, like all of Juan’s work. Using up to 14 bic ballpoint pens per image, his canvases reach up to 10 feet in height.

ballpoint drawings

Juan Francisco Casas drawings

erotic illustrations

rated R ballpoint pen drawings

rated R ballpoint pen drawings

ballpoint illustrations

Much of this work as well as some of his paintings are available for purchase from the Galerie Fernando Pradilla.

About me: (The text below is from the artist)
I am an artist born in La Carolina (Andalusia, Spain). I paint large size oil canvases and ballpen (sic) drawings where I reproduce images I take with my camera, youthful and spontaneous domestic photographs of fleeting moments of nighttime fun. I have a degree in Arts (BA), two postdegree masters (MA) and I am finishing my doctorate (PhD). I also was a teacher of the University of Granada during 4 years.

In 2005 I participated, together with important artists such as Damien Hirst, Neo Rauch or Maurizio Cattelan, at the International Biennial of Contemporary Art “Prague Biennale 2” (Prague, Czech Republic) arranged by the Flash Art Magazine and curated by Giancarlo Politi. I was choosen to represent my country and was the only one Spaniard artist invited to that event. In 2006 I participated in “The Sock Strategy” exhibition at the 2nd International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Seville curated by Okwui Enwezor. I also have won the very prestigious ABC Prize of Art in 2004 and the First National Honours Degree Prize of Universitary Studies of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain in 2000. I have exhibited at some of the most important galleries in Spain including the Luis Adelantado Gallery (Valencia-Miami), Metta Gallery (Madrid), Ferrán Cano Gallery (Barcelona) Sandunga Gallery (Granada).

I also have collaborated with El Museo Gallery (Bogotá) and since 2002 I am represented by the Fernando Pradilla Gallery (Madrid-Bogotá) and exhibiting at the international art fairs of Chicago, Miami, Palm Beach, México, Bogotá, Caracas and Madrid. My work can be found in important collections and museums like the ABC Collection of Art or the ARTIUM (Basque Museum of Contemporary Art) where I have participated in the collective exhibition “Catharsis”, with such important artists as Miquel Barceló, Antoni Tapies, Jorge Oteiza, Jaume Plensa, Antoni Muntadas and Antonio Saura.

I have also written and participaed in many books, like “Arte Seriado. Exploración y Análisis” and “El Arte como Dicha”; the next of them, “A y otros poemas de relleno” and “The Summer Haikus” are already on bookshops. This year, I have been awarded with the very prestigious award of the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome (Real Academia de España en Roma), where I will reside during 2007 and 2008.

Visit his blog (in Spanish only) here.

Visit his website here.