New Bic Ballpoint Pen Portraits On Ephemera By Artist Mark Powell


Sure I doodle on old envelopes, documents and newspapers, but my doodles consist of shaded cubes and poorly drawn body parts. Not those of artist Mark Powell, however. Like the work of Spanish artist Juan Francisco Casas, Mark uses a Bic Biro pen to draw and shade realistic portraits. His canvases are various vintage envelopes, maps and newspapers dating back to 1819. Read more

Voodoo Queens; Facial Masks Doodled By Illustrator Nina Chakrabati.

Voodoo Queens is a series of interventionist doodles created by illustrator Nina Chakrabati for I Want You Magazine. With a rotring pen, she doodled facial ‘masks’ and superimposed them upon photographs of women:

About the artist:

above: self portrait by Nina Chakrabati

Nina was born and spent her early life in Calcutta, India. She moved to the UK in her teens carrying her stamp collection under her arm and little else. She studied illustration at Central St. Martins, and many years later, at The Royal College of Art.

Her work is often concerned with collections and the composition of objects. She works using Rotring pens, felt tips, biros, pencils, inks and the Apple Macintosh. She enjoys using different technologies and mediums and collaborating with others when the opportunity arises.

She lives and works in London, England.

Nina Chakrabati

The "R rated" Ballpoint Pen Drawings of Juan Francisco Casas

Juan Francisco Casas Ballpoint Pen Drawings

A friend of mine brought the amazing ballpoint pen drawings of Juan Francisco Casas (actual full name is Juan Francisco Casas Ruiz) to my attention via Twitter, which sent me to this article in the UK’s Daily Mail. Since it was published over a year ago, I was able to do a little research and find his more recent and compelling works. Read more