Cardboard Pet Beds You Will Not Believe Are Cardboard.

Mimi de Biarritz Cardboard Pet Beds

I came across the talented work of artist and crafter Mimi de Biarritz in a recent New York Times’ T Magazine article about Kit Kemp’s seventh-floor pop-up store in New York City’s Bergdorf Goodman. The temporary outlet incorporated many of Biarritz’ one-of-a-kind items. Among her impressive paper art and objects I spotted two stunning pet beds, so I did a little research and wait until you see what I found. Read more

Crayon Dog Sculptures by Artist Herb Williams

herb williams crayon dog sculptures

Like artist Christian Faur, artist Herb Williams uses crayons unconventionally to create art. Rather than draw with them, he uses them whole as a material for his sculptures. Read more

Mid-Century Modern Dog Houses That Rival Human Ones.

Custom mid-century modern doghouses

These aren’t just dog houses. These are architectural masterpieces for canines. And priced as such. Designed and built by Pijuan Design Workshop, the Ranch style, Eichler-inspired and other Mid-century Modern Dog Houses are crafted with care and those shown here cost upwards of $3500 each. Read more

Wine That’s Good For Dogs But Made For People: Chateau La Paws.

Not that you need an excuse to imbibe, but this is as good as one as any. Chateau La Paws supports No Kill dog shelters with a selection of California wines that sport labels shot by celebrity dog photographer Carli Davidson. Read more

First Hotel Inside A Craft Brewery Has A Beer Fridge in Every Shower.

The Doghouse Hotel located on Brew Dog’s 42 acre site in Columbus, Ohio is the very first hotel accommodations inside a Craft Brewery. Each of 26 rooms and 8 deluxe suites overlooks the brewing facilities and is outfitted with an in-room beer tap AND a stocked refrigerator in the shower! Not surprisingly, given the brand’s love and commitment to canines (they’ve helped find families for homeless dogs and more with their Brewdog Foundation), they have dog-friendly rooms as well. Beer and Dogs? What’s not to love. Read more

Those 188 Dogs Rescued Last June? Look At Them Now (and All Year Long)

The 188 Rescue Group Calendar

Back in June of this year, I came across a story in the New York Times that horrified me. The story was about the discovery of 188 unkempt and malnourished dogs being kept in squalid living conditions on a 10-acre New Jersey farm. Read more

arfITECTURE Architectural Pet Homes Raise Funds for Animal Rescue

arfitecture pet homes designed to raise money

This past Saturday, August 18th, ARF (the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons) hosted the Bow Wow Meow Ball where over 350 high profile (and very white) guests from New York and the Hamptons attended the evening to celebrate ARF’s life-saving work.

At the ball, ten one-of-a-kind designer dog houses and cat condos were auctioned off to raise important funds for cats and dogs in need. Although it’s not the first time we’ve seen architects and builders get together to create cool spaces for fur babies in the name of charity (Barkitecture is one example; these Cat Cribs are another), this time the idea came from local 14-year-old Luke Louchheim, whose family has adopted two ARFans, Buttercup and Sam. Read more

Going Viral: Dog Ingeniously Cools Himself Down

Yesterday reddit user Spinolio posted the above photo of a Foaf’s dog who found an ingenious way to keep himself cool in the blazing summer heat. It didn’t take long for the image to go viral on social media. Twitterers, Redditors and Facebookers are gleefully sharing the image – and given that we are dog-lovers, so are we. Read more