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Iris Scott Proves That Finger Painting Is For Grown Ups, Too.

Iris Scott, Sleepy Lee, 36×36″

These impressionistic paintings are not created with brushes or a palette knife, but with fingertips. Classically trained in Florence, Italy and with a BFA from Washington State University, artist Iris Scott began oil finger painting in 2009 when she was spending a year in Taiwan.

Iris Scott Finger Painting

Iris Scott Finger Painting
detail of painting shown at top

The craft was a fortuitous discovery for Iris. One extremely hot afternoon in Taiwan she was feeling lazy and chose to forgo cleaning her brushes. A few swipes of paint with her fingertips and Iris found a new impressionistic style. She has not used a brush since, and has enjoyed painting full time since 2010.

Still Shakin’ Off The Blues, 36″x36″:
Still Shakin Off Th-1-36x36-IIHIH
 Still Shakin Off Th-detail-IIHIH
Slippery Sidewalk, 30″x40″:
Slippery Sidewalk-1-30x40-IIHIH
Slippery Sidewalk-detail-IIHIH
My Thai Train, 36″x36″:
Iris Scott Finger Painting
Sunbrella, 24″x36″:
My Thai Cowboy, 36″x36″:

Image shown at the top of the post: Sleepy Lee, 36″x36″

Her original works as well as canvas or paper prints of her past works are available for purchase on her website. She is also represented by Cole Gallery in Seattle as well as Adelman Fine Art in San Diego.

all images courtesy of Iris Scott