The DUPLEX Aquarium Birdcage In A Limited New Edition

Duplex Aquarium Birdcage

A few years back, every design blog was sharing the Duplex, a conceptual design that combined an aquarium with a birdcage by Constance Guisset.  Now, in a new, updated edition, the Duplex  Aquarium Birdcage Version 2 has been produced in a limited number of 8 by Specimen Editions.

The initial Duplex design, 2007:
Duplex version 1 IIHIH
Duplex version 2 closeup2 IIHIH

Designed by Constance Guisset initially in 2007,  the “Duplex” placed an aquarium atop a birdcage. The design allows the birds to fly and sit at the same level as the fish, combining two worlds and two species rarely ever connected. The piece was purchased by the permanent collection of the National Foundation of Contemporary Art (France) in 2009. The design of the combination aquarium/birdcage has since been updated, produced in a limited number of  8 signed editions and is available for purchase.

The Duplex, Version 2:
Duplex version 2 1 IIHIH

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Duplex version 2 closeup IIHIH

Duplex Version 2 replaced the wood with steel and slightly changed the silhouette of both the birdcage and the fish tank. The base contains a thermo-formed bell shaped air bubble into which the bird is able to fly and rest at the same level as the fish. This poetic and surprising piece of design places these inhabitants of air and water into a unique situation of mutual exploration.

Version 2 is only available in a limited edition of 8 and each one is signed.

Contact Specimen for retailers, availability and more details.

Designer: Constance Guisset
Dimensions : 50 x 50 x 160 cm / 19″ x 19″ x 62”.
Materials : blown glass and steel.
Producer and distributor: Specimen
Price 10,000 euro