Sneak Peek of The Citiscape Show VIII at George Billis

I LOVE the Citiscape shows at George Billis. No surprise given that several of the participating artists are either personal friends or artists about whose work I have previously written or presently own. Danny Heller, Alex Blas, Rick Monzon and Matthew de Mosier (who kindly credits me with his inclusion in the show) are among the many artists whose work is featured. Opening tomorrow in Culver City, Los Angeles, the Citiscape Show VIII at George Billis exhibits contemporary paintings of Los Angeles – from suburbs to city and beaches to bars –  in various mediums, sizes and styles by some of the most talented contemporary and emerging artists. Read more

Pop Go The Masters! Paint-Injected Bubble Wrap Interpretations & Impressions.

Classic paintings by Masters such as Georges Seurat, Edgar Degas, Henri Matisse, Grant Wood, Vermeer, Monet and Leonardo da Vinci have been reinterpreted by Canadian artist Bradley Hart, each in two very unusual iterations; as paint-injected bubble wrap versions and the excess acrylic drippings on wood. Read more

Iris Scott Proves That Finger Painting Is For Grown Ups, Too.

Iris Scott, Sleepy Lee, 36×36″

These impressionistic paintings are not created with brushes or a palette knife, but with fingertips. Classically trained in Florence, Italy and with a BFA from Washington State University, artist Iris Scott began oil finger painting in 2009 when she was spending a year in Taiwan. Read more