An Interactive Art Exhibit For Dogs Promotes Pet Health.

interactive art exhibit for dogs

More Than Pet Insurance, as part of their #PlayMore campaign, commissioned renowned British artist and inventor Dominic Wilcox to create an interactive Art Exhibit specifically for dogs.

Interactive Art Exhibit For Dogs

interactive art exhibit for dogs
Dogs studying Robert Nicol’s Drumstick Park

The exhibition has been created as part of the company’s #PlayMore campaign which encourages owners to spend more time playing with their pet, while also inspiring them to find new ways to ensure they stay emotionally happy and physically healthy. Veterinarian Robert White-Adams acted as a consultant on the project to ensure all objects provide maximum canine enjoyment.

The exhibition on Tanner St. in South London includes sculpture, paintings created specifically for dog’s limited vision, and interactive installations.

Wilcox created the following four interactive exhibits for the show.

Cruising Canines – an open car window simulator with meat, fish and socks inside the fan to create scents:

Check it out in action!

A dog in my car window simulator with meat fish and socks in fan for scent. Posted by Dominic Wilcox on Saturday, August 20, 2016

Dinnertime Dreams – a 10 foot circumference dog bowl is filled to the brim with hundreds of brown play balls designed to look like dog food:

Multimedia Video Installation – so that dogs may watch their favorite things, like a frisbee flying through the air:

Watery Wonder – a series of dancing water jets that jump from one dog bowl to the next for dogs to chase:

A selection of paintings and drawings created in a dog’s color spectrum are also on display at the exhibition for the visiting dogs to enjoy. And, of course, they are hung at a dog’s eye-level.

An avid dog lover himself, Dominic works between the worlds of art, design, craft and technology and the exhibits are all based on activities that dogs love – from fetching tennis balls and splashing about in water, to sniffing the air as a gentle, scent-laden breeze wafts past.

Limited free tickets for the South London show are available for Friday 19th and Saturday 20th August.

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Play helps to stimulate them physically and mentally and we believe happy pets are healthy pets. That’s why More Than is donating £1 to the RSPCA for everyone who takes their #PlayMore Pledge – to spend an extra 15 minutes a day playing with your dog or cat.

images and information courtesy of Dominic Wilcox and More Than

Dominic Wilcox

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