Galanter & Jones Heated Outdoor Furniture Is the First

Designed and handmade in California, the heated outdoor furniture collection from San Francisco-based brother and sister owned Galanter & Jones is the first of its kind. The modern seating options, available in many different color and frame combinations, are plug-in ready.

Galanter & Jones Heated Outdoor Furniture

galanter and jones furniture
Siblings Aaron and Miranda Jones of Galanter and Jones

Starting with five pieces (they now have more) in the collection, Galanter & Jones changed the role of outdoor seating. Not only are their modern ergonomic benches and chairs comfortable, but they offer a far better looking solution to keeping warm outdoors than an ugly space heater or other traditional methods.

Eva sofa and chairs

galanter and jones furniture

heated outdoor furniture

galanter and jones furniture

“I was working on a landscape design project and created a heated bench as a one-off,” Aaron Jones told the SF Chronicle. “It worked well, and I was surprised no one else was doing it.” The company started with a single product, the pod-shaped Helios bench, eventually adding Helios chairs, then the more angular Evia line in 2014 and in 2016, the Pylos bench. Says his sister Miranda Jones, 37, “We want to give people what they need to enjoy being outdoors.”

heated Helios sofa and chair
The Helios sofa and chair

The 1″ thick cast stone surfaces of the furniture are smooth and much like a warm rock sitting in the sun. The ergonomic shapes of the pieces provide comfort for adults, children and even pets.

heated outdoor furniture

And because of their heating efficiency, the plug-in ready pieces will keep you warm all day and all night with minimal energy output.

The Kosmos heated chair
The Kosmos heated chair

Smart and Adjustable Heating

Plug the bench in, turn it on at the press of a button and set it to your desired temperature and enjoy. The bench will remember how you like it for next time. Temperature range is 80°F – 120°F and the time to warm up is approximately 20 minutes. Will vary depending on ambient temperature.

adjustable heat controls

Helios Lounge

– 94″w x 35″d x 30″h
– Approx. 250 lbs
– Seats 4
$7,900 (subject to change)

heated furniture

Helios Love Chair
galanter and jones furniture
46″w x 35″d x 28″h
– Approx. 120 lbs
– Seats 1-2
$4,200 (subject to change)

heated outdoor chairs

Evia Lounge
galanter and jones evia lounge
– 64″w x 29″d x 30″h
– Approx. 180 lbs
– Seats 3
$5,900 (subject to change)

heated outdoor furniture company

Evia Chair

– 31″w x 29″d x 30″h
– Approx. 90 lbs
– Seats 1
$ 3,400 (subject to change)

heated chair

The Pylos Bench
$4500 (subject to change)
Designed with a low back and a slim profile, the Pylos is perfect when paired with an outdoor dining table or in spaces that could use a little warmth. While waiting for a car or a table at your favorite restaurant, perhaps? It’s also the perfect place to sit and put on your shoes before going out into the world. The Pylos seats three and at $4500 is their best priced multi-seater yet.

galanter and jones pylos bench

My only gripe is that for that kind of money, they should be wireless and controlled with an app. I’m hoping that’s next.

UPDATE: Added since this post was written are some new and more affordable pieces from the company. Side tables, planters, coffee tables and two new conversation sets:

kosmos set
Kosmos Conversation Set
Apollo Conversation Set
Apollo Conversation Set

There are over numerous  possible bench color and base combinations available.

all images courtesy of Galanter & Jones

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