If Dr. Seuss Were Your Decorator: NEW Cartoon Furniture (Updated for 2012).

new cartoon furniture

This is an update of an original post to include their new products.

When it comes to unusual furniture, my post about Judson Beaumont’s cartoon styled furniture for kids always gets a lot of attention. But he’s not the only one making whimsical furniture for children’s rooms.

Introducing a company actually named “Cartoon Furniture” whose fun products will make you feel as though you are living in an animated world. The brainchild of Randall and Sharon Porter, they combined their experiences as an architectural lighting designer and make-up artist to form Cartoon Furniture®.

above: Randall and Sharon Porter of Cartoon Furniture

The line includes dressers, bookcases, headboards, wall mirrors, side tables and even bulletin boards and a clock. They use only the finest woods and materials to manufacture their whimsical line. All the pieces are painted over and over until the finish is perfect using only the best non-toxic, lead-free and child-safety paint and finishes. Top, bottom, back and sides are all painted, there is no exposed wood. Their drawers slide on Swiss Stainless Steel Slides with ball-bearings and each drawer includes a safety stop to prevent the drawer from falling out completely.

Picture 30

Their furniture is so animated in its design, I half expect them to get up and dance away! Take a look at some of their pieces.

The French Twin Bed with four drawer storage unit:

The Little King Twin Bed with 4 drawer storage unit:

The Daisy Twin Bed with 4 drawer storage unit

The Zzzed Twin Bed with 4 drawer storage unit:

whimsical furniture

chidlren's dresser


Side tables:

Wall mirrors:

Other accessories:

They also have custom ordering options, so you can choose from several color combinations if you so desire:
custom options

All Cartoon Furniture® pieces are proudly manufactured in the USA under the strictest guidelines and specifications for years of enjoyment.

Put a smile on your child’s face and shop there now.

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