Holographic Fairies Caught In Jam Jars Are Musically Magical Video Sculptures.

jam jar fairy hero IIHIH

What could be prettier than fireflies in a jam jar? How about fairies? Originally developed for the Royal Shakespeare Company as an art and sound installation, Jam Jar Fairies were 8 holographic fairies captured in jars who, by knocking on the glass, create a polyphonic musical composition.

Holographic Fairies in Jars

The spectacular sprites have since been developed as individual video sculptures and are now available for purchase.

Holographic Fairies in Jars


Husband and wife team Davy and Kristin McGuire were commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company to create Sprite Symphony, a magical installation using projections and sound to create a beautiful yet dark display of fairies that have been trapped in jam jars and are trying to escape their glass cages. The fairies knock and tap on their jars and thereby create a polyphonic musical composition.

spritesymphony3 copy

jam jar fairy cu

jam jar fairy blue wings IIHIH

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Conceived of by the McGuires (who are also the team behind The Ice Book), Jam Jar Fairies – or Sprite Symphony – was filmed by Davy, edited by Kristin and with music by Ben Woods.

Later the installation was adapted for the Enchanted Parks where they were featured in the windows of the park keeper‘s shed:
jam jar fairies gardner's shed1

jam jar fairies gardner's shed2

spritesymphony trio

The sprites were also exhibited in a Victorian display cabinet in the RSC theatre foyer in Stratford upon Avon throughout winter 2013:

The fairies in jam jars successfully sold as individual video sculptures at the London Art Fair 2014 and and can now be purchased through Muriel Guépin Gallery in New York. Each jar features a holographic projection of a hovering fairy sprinkling fairy dust by knocking on the glass‘ wall. They can be bought, hung on your wall and easily switched on and off via a remote control.

jam jar fairies duo

jam jar fairy on display


These are available for purchase!

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