Totally Trippy Christmas Trees For The Holidays.


Want to funk up Christmas a bit this year? Perhaps you’re tired of the rustic or real Christmas tree or bored with the politically correct wooden Christmas Tree.  In which case, I say shun tradition and do it up with one of these totally trippy Christmas trees.

Totally Trippy Christmas Trees

treetopia collections IIHIH

These stylish and well-made artificial trees offer an alternative to the typical Pine, Fir or Evergreen tree. You can go wacky with a Color Burst or Zebra Striped Tree or keep it sophisticated with a Deep Cranberry, Pitch Black or Truffle Brown Tree. For small spaces there are corner trees and half trees. There’s even a Hanukkah Bush for us Members of The Tribe.

The Trippiest:

Candy Cane Christmas Tree:

Color Burst / Rainbow Christmas Tree:

Candy Corn Christmas Tree:

Zebra Stripe Christmas Tree:
Zebra stripe-christmas-tree-IIHIH

Stars and Stripes Christmas Tree:
Stars and Stripes-christmas-tree-IIHIH

The Diva Purple Christmas Tree:

Upside Down Christmas Tree:
upside down-christmas-tree-IIHIH

Half and Corner Christmas Trees:
Half and Corner Christmas Trees IIHIH

Less Trippy:

Hanukkah Bush Christmas Tree:
hanukkah Bush-christmas-tree-IIHIH

Hot Pink Christmas Tree:
hot pink-christmas-tree-IIHIH

Lipstick Red Christmas Tree:
Lipstick Red-christmas-tree-IIHIH

100% Orange Christmas Tree:

Lively Lavender Christmas Tree:
Lively Lavender-christmas-tree-IIHIH

Deep Sapphire Blue Christmas Tree:
Deep Sapphire Blue Christmas Tree IIHIH

Baby Blue Christmas Tree:
Baby Blue-christmas-tree-IIHIH

Pitch Black Christmas Tree:
pitch black-christmas-tree-IIHIH

Barely Trippy Christmas Trees

Chocolate Truffle Christmas tree:
chocolate truffle-christmas-tree-IIHIH

Midnight Black Christmas tree:
midnight black-christmas-tree-2

Cranberry Crush Christmas Tree:
Cranberry Crush-christmas-tree-IIHIH

Navy Blue Christmas Tree:
Navy Blue-christmas-tree-IIHIH

Toasted Champagne Christmas Tree:
Toasted Champagne-christmas-tree-IIHIH

Silver Stardust Christmas Tree:
silver stardust-christmas-tree-IIHIH

Snow White Pine Christmas Tree:
Snow white pine-christmas-tree-IIHIH

Table Top Christmas Trees

Mini Diva Tabletop Trees in various colors:

Rainbow Table Top Christmas Tree:

Table trio Sets in white and pastel pink (one 24″ tall tree and two 18″ tall trees:

Rainbow Gumdrop Mini Christmas Trees (12″ tall):
rainbow-mini-gumdrop christmas-trees IIHIH

Treetopia Trees come in full, slim, pencil, mini or potted variations. From under 5 ft to over 8 ft. Flocked, Sparkling, Tinsel, Bright, Patterned, Glossy or Matte. The large selection of tree sizes and styles also have several lighting options: clear lit, multi-lit, colorful lit or unlit. Other items include table top trees, garlands, wreaths, tree skirts and bags. Easy to assemble with hinged branches, they’ll last you year after year.

They also have an impressive selection of good ol’ fashioned green artificial Christmas trees when only that classic look will do:
traditional artifical green christmas trees IIHIH

Made with quality materials, Treetopia offers a 5-year warranty on all non-clearance foliage, and a 2-year warranty on lights.

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