Give Mom some Love and Lather with Hip Handmade Soaps

Hip Handmade Soaps

Every day, since 2007, I have blogged about the talents of others. What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t use my own platform for a little self-promotion? A pretty stupid one. That’s why I hope you’ll humor me while I share with you the products of my soap-making hobby.

Hip Handmade Soaps

I began making soap over 10 years ago as gifts, as favors for wedding showers, baby showers and birthday parties. And, of course, for myself to use (I actually haven’t purchased a bar of soap since 2004). Over time I have perfected the formula and created my favorite colors, scents and shapes – all in my own kitchen. I make each one by hand myself using FDA approved ingredients.

soap factory in kitchen2

With scents like Gardenia, Fig+Ginger, Lemon Verbena, Pomegranate, Mango, Cool Water, Green Apple and Pear, my smellsosweet soaps can be enjoyed by men, women and children.


For a short period of time I am selling them in my etsy store. With a flat rate of $6 for priority mail shipping, they’ll arrive on time for Mother’s Day, May 10th if you order no later than May 6th.

Angel Wings:
8 ounces of lusciously lathering soaps in various colors and scents.
angel wing soaps

Mudflap or Trucker Girls:
Fun 3.5 oz bars feature the pin-up silhouette of the famous mirrored mudflap girl seen on many 18 wheelers. Various scents and colors available.
mudflap girl soaps

Mannekin (Mannequin) or Dress Dummy Soaps:
3.5 ounce soaps in the shape of a female torso. Various Colors and scents available.
mannekin trio 2

Massage Bars:
6 ounces of soap with convex nubs to massage your aching muscles in the tub or shower. Various scents and colors available.

Robert Indiana LOVE Soaps:
Shaped in the real LOVE image by artist Robert Indiana (note the serifs and the slanted “o”), these 5 ounce square soaps make a great gift for anyone you love. various colors and scents available
LOVE soaps

Shimmering Bars:
Traditional shaped bar soaps weighing 5 ounces each in sophisticated colors and scents, with a hint of shimmer.

Short, stout adorable penguins are 3.5 ounces and roll around nicely in your hand as you work up a lather. They stand up so they look adorable on the sink’s edge. Various colors and scents available
penguin soaps all colors 2
penguin soaps all colors

Exfoliating Soaps with Ground Loofah:
These get rid of dead skin cells and smooth rough, dry skin. Various sizes, shapes, colors and scents available.
exfoliating soaps with ground loofah

Hello Kitty Soaps:
Adorable 3 ounce soaps fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Various scents and colors available:

And for fans of The Doctor, Tardis Soap!:
Hard to keep these in stock. An 8 ounce bar soap shaped like the Tardis from the cult favorite, BBC’s Doctor Who.

I tend to make them seasonally. If there are none in my store, you may contact me for a special order.
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