Hennessy Very Special x Scott Campbell Limited Edition

Scott Campbell for Hennessey

Hennessy’s latest new addition to their Very Special Limited Edition series features a design crafted by Scott Campbell, the acclaimed and multi-talented American tattoo artist.

Hennessy V.S. Scott Campbell Limited Edition

Kaws, Futura, Os Gemeos, Shepard Fairey, Ryan McGuiness… Every year Hennessy invites guest artists to create a new Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition bottle. This year, internationally-renowned tattoo artist Scott Campbell took on the challenge.

Scott Campbell is a tattoo artist whose reputation has grown far beyond his native Louisiana. Recognized the world over for his mastery of tattooing and a unique style inspired by calligraphy, Scott Campbell developed his art in a realm seemingly distant from that of cognac. Yet the meeting between Hennessy and the artist has revealed affinities between the time-honored craftsmanship that informs their respective creative processes.

Scott Campbell with his design for Hennessey, photo by Dmitri Coste

Invited to Cognac to discover the storied Cognac house and its history and values, Scott Campbell saw firsthand the unique process that goes into making cognac. He realized that there was an essential natural parallel between creating a prestigious cognac and the art of tattooing, namely the emphasis on craftsmanship.

“The fact that all of Hennessy’s barrels are still made by hand is incredible, and really resonates with me. There are flaws in it and there are characteristics that come from the human hand that make it unique and personal. It’s the same thing with tattooing: it’s magic because it can’t be mass-produced, it’s one for one, made by hand, and it has imperfections brought by the human hand that make it more perfect than perfect,” shares the artist, who was also amazed to see that Hennessy has a calligrapher hand label each cognac barrel.

“If you’re putting in two things together and they’re too similar, it’s not a new product in the end. What’s interesting is putting two opposite things together and seeing what happens.” – Scott Campbell

Before creating a tattoo for someone, Scott Campbell always explores who they are and their personal story. “Working with Hennessy, it’s like the oldest person I’ve ever tattooed – it’s 250 years old and I discovered all that history.” Inspired by the audacious drive and spirit of conquest that define the Hennessy, the artist has adorned the bottle of V.S with powerfully symbolic designs, including wings that evoke freedom and three stars, a nod to the very first rating system for cognac, invented by Maurice Hennessy back in 1865. The result is a truly unique bottle that explores the world of the tattoo artist while revealing the personality and deep tradition of Hennessy.

Hennessy V.S Deluxe Edition by Scott Campbell
A special limited collector’s edition presented in a wooden gift box including a numbered bottle with exclusive wooden labels, a numbered flask with a leather sleeve and a watermarked designed sketchbook is also available for $150 USD

The Hennessy Very Special Edition bottle by Scott Campbell is available for purchase here and the Deluxe edition is available here (until sold out).

images and information courtesy of LVMH and Hennessey