RAH:Design MDK9 Dog Haus Is Modern Luxury For The Discriminating Canine

RAH:Design MDK9 Dog Haus

The RAH:Design MDK9 Dog Haus is crafted of teak, concrete and steel and it’s one of the most beautiful, and costly, doghouses out there.

RAH:Design MDK9 Dog Haus

The stunning canine abode was inspired by the fact that the folks at RAH: Design felt they couldn’t find a doghouse on the market they’d want to put in their own homes. (Really? because there are some amazing ones out there). So they decided to design their own.

The dog house is designed with a definite mid-century modern influence, yet retains all the comforts a dog needs. No detail is left unconsidered: an overhang for shade, a built in dog feeder, metal mesh to let air flow through and built on a slab of concrete, it has wheels to move around.

They even teamed up with www.modernhousenumbers.com for the name plaques and with www.jaxandbones.com to develop a range of custom dog bedding.

Specialized name plaques made by Modern House Numbers
Custom bedding by Jax and Bones

But the RAH:Design MDK9 Dog Haus doesn’t come cheap. It costs $3650 bones. Sadly, Axel doesn’t come with it.

Brazilian Teak
Powder coated steel

Dimensions: 76″x40″x36″

RAH:Design MDK9 Dog Haus
$3650, buy it here

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