Hand-Stitched Fashion Magazines by Inge Jacobsen

hand-stitched fashion magazines

Photography student Inge Jacobsen began her studies at Kingston University studying fine arts. She since switched to photography but combines continues to combine mediums in some of her works.

Hand-Stitched Fashion Magazines

Intrigued by taking something commercial or mass produced and adding a handmade element to it, she stitches atop Vogue and Bazaar magazine covers and editorials.

The front and back sides of the magazine:


Front and back of the Vogue cover:

She began with this Bazaar cover which took her two months to complete:


and then stitched the two Vogue covers shown at the beginning of the post and she’s presently working on an Elle cover.

Below are some editorials from within Vogue that she stitched as well:

All images courtesy of the artist. See more of her work at the link below.
Inge Jacobsen