Designer Thomas de Lussac’s Whimsical Outdoor Benches & Home Decor.

Whimsical Outdoor Benches

The whimsical outdoor benches by French industrial designer Thomas de Lussac has a mind for functional whimsy. His many designs for everything from lamps to outdoor benches often incorporate the human element in bright and fun colors.

Whimsical Outdoor Benches

While he also works in woods and has several sophisticated furniture collections to his credit (and yes, you should see those, too), I am sharing with you some of his Thomas de Lussac’s “FUNctional” pieces today.

Whimsical Outdoor Benches

The Mona Lisa bench:
Mona Lisa bench

The You and I bench:
Thomas de Lussac You and I bench

The Tennis bench:
Whimsical Outdoor Benches

Cosmo and Moonwalk lamps:
metal man table lamps

Table runner:
Whimsical Outdoor Benches

Robot Trobo toilet paper holders:
robot tp holder
Whimsical Outdoor Benches

Skull and Bones Wall Sconce:
skull and bones wall sconce

Freeway Vases:
freeway vases

Welcome Vase (grenade):
black grenade vasegold grenade vase

Tyrannosaurus Wall rack:
laser cut metal home accessoriesTyrannosaurus Wall rack:

Shop for the many of the above products here at his online store.

Designer Thomas de Lussac

Thomas de Lussac