HALO – The Limited Edition Crazy Colored Carbon Fiber Chair

Halo colored carbon fiber chair

We’ve seen a few sexy bathtubs for the home made of carbon fiber, such as the Vessel and the N°1 by Corcel. Now, made with the world’s first colored carbon fiber, Hypetex, the Halo chair by designer Michael Sodeau is the first produced colored carbon fiber design product on the market.

Halo colored carbon fiber chair

Halo colored carbon fiber chairHalo red chair IIHIH designer mark on red halo IIHIH

A recipient of the 2015 Red Dot Design Award, the Halo colored carbon fiber chair is a limited-edition product, with only 18 individually-numbered pieces produced in a select range of colors.

michael sodeau mark on halo IIHIH
color swatches IIHIH

Created by UK-based designer Michael Sodeau, the Halo chair utilizes the high-performance properties of Hypetex, which is lightweight, strong and visually dynamic. The exceptionally thin structure is refined yet robust, marrying minimalist design with imposing form.

colors and logo IIHIH

Michael Sodeau said: “The design follows the modernist rules of form and function with the removal of all unnecessary clutter, which is juxtaposed with the decorative aesthetic given by the material.

Sodeau with-Halo-prototype IIHIH
halo champagne head on IIHIH Halo-Champagne-leg-detail-IIHIH champagne carbon fiber cu IIHIH

“The contoured shape interacts perfectly with light creating vibrant refractions on the surface of the material. When the chair is viewed from behind it hides what is in front, adding a playful quality that only reveals its full shape as you walk around it”.

Halo chair blue frontal IIHIH Halo chair blue profile IIHIH Halo chair blue three quarter view IIHIH

Hypetex is a high-tech composite material developed by leading engineers from the world of Formula One, following seven years of research and development. It is available in a wide range of colours and can be used in various industries.

GPF One is an official F1 licensee for merchandising and owns the Hypetex patent rights.


images and info courtesy of Hypetex, Michael Sodeau and www.itintandem.com

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