Corpo Celeste. Limited Edition Luxury Carbon Fiber Bathtub, the N°1 by Corcel.

N°1 by Corcel of Austria was hired to create this product visualization featuring Corcel’s N°1, their first luxury bathtub design.

N°1 by Corcel

luxury tubs

Corpo Celeste – a heavenly body
The first product to be introduced by Salzburg’s innovation and design company, Corcel, is a luxury tub made of carbon fiber. From a material for purely functional applications, to one used in the luxury design of baths, carbon has found its way from space travel and motor racing to Corcel.

The bath manufacturer Corcel is distinguished by high-tech methods in conjunction with solidly hand-crafted products. Only top quality fabrics are used in the manufacturing of designer products.

Using elaborate CAD/CAM and autoclave technology and meticulous craftsmanship, the fine carbon fabric is processed into sumptuous designer furniture for the bathroom.

The No.1 is the first product from Corcel – an object of desire offering clean lines, generous space and distinctive character. It was selected from among 24 concepts submitted by artists and designers. The development process took about seven months and is manufactured from a selected prepreg carbon fabric.

After curing in an autoclave, it is given a last polish in the meticulous hands of our craftsmen. It is finished with a surface coating that otherwise is found only in the high-end sector of luxury cars.

Thanks to the materials’ properties, the No. 1 benefits from improved heat-retention features, compared with acrylic baths and ceramics.

Facts about the tub:
• The N°1 of 2011 is with 51 pieces strictly limited.
• A carbon fibre has a diameter of around 3-5 thousandths of a millimetre.
• Corcel uses only the highest quality fabrics in the production of design products.
• The N°1 is 2,43m long, 1,23m wide and 0,64m tall.
• The N°1 has 330 litres capacity.
• The development time of the N°1 lasted 7 months.

Limited edition
The product is redesigned annually. And each year, only 51 individual pieces are produced worldwide. Each one carries a certificate and is identified as an original. Due to the complex processes involved in the production, the lead time to delivery can be six weeks.

Towards the end of 2011, the company is expecting to launch a comprehensive line with all the necessary fixtures and furnishings for a luxurious bathroom.

CAD renderings courtesy of Studioastic, information and images courtesy of Corcel

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