Guy Trefler Uses 469 Found Photos From Google To Make ‘Not Mine’

Not Mine Guy Trefler

Guy Trefler’s graduate project in Graphic Design for Israel’s HIT (Holon Institute of Technology) was to point out the nothing is original. So he created a video and accompanying website for the presentation of Not Mine, a project that used 469 photos taken from Google’s search image bank.

Not Mine Guy Trefler

The accompanying website is a ‘making of’. It features animated gifs that when rolled over tell you the amount of borrowed imagery for that particular scene.

website landing page Not Mine

Click upon the gifs on the site’s landing page and you’ll see the individual images from Google and an animated scene using those images.

Those shown below are the images used in scene #46:
images for scene

Scene #46 (which uses the images shown above):
michael jackson gif

Guy Trefler
Not Mine Project / Making Of