Trendir’s Goof Is My Gain: Pressalit Toilet Seat Art Gallery

pressalit toilet seat art
above: the seats misrepresented on Trendir as actual products

Someone over at Trendir, one of my favorite interior design sites, was asleep at the wheel..or keyboard, when they wrote their post about what they thought were interesting toilet seats and covers from Pressalit. What they actually did was show you the fun ‘created’ seats designed for the website (and as postcards you can order ) to explain the features of the Pressalit line (for example, green, luxury, sustainable woods, quiet, etc.)

I only know this because once I saw those images, I thought to myself, there’s no way those are actual toilet seats and, upon further inspection, I found I was correct.

Pressalit does carry colored and wood seats as well as one heart shaped wooden seat and one special edition soccer ball/football seat. And they can customize seats with a logo or line art for you as well:

But all those fun looking seats shown on Trendir are not Pressalit’s actual products. They do make auto-close seats that function smoothly and quietly as well as contoured seats, but frankly, they’re nothing to write home about… or in this case, blog about.

Pressalit Toilet Seat Art Gallery

What is of interest, however, is their 2007 project in which they asked 20 different designers to experiment with their core product – the toilet seat. Now, I’d never have found this if I didn’t explore their site based on Trendir’s goof up. So thanks to them, you can now be privy to this unusual art project.

The 2007 project “Pressalit Art Gallery” resulted in unusual solutions and interpretations of toilet seats in just as many different and untraditional materials.

The result of the designers interpretations were among others a football seat (which they now sell a variant of), a disco seat designed for Madonna, a floating hot air balloon seat and an actual turtle seat.

Here are the images of various toilet seat covers from the project for you:

designer: Tchai Munch
material: glass

designer: Carpenter Borge Aaby
material: wood

Several different designs were created by designer Nis Ollgaard in the project;
Hair used for Punk, a mohawk on the lid. Heart shaped wood seat and cover:

His tribute to Madonna with the ‘disco’ seat:

And his hand stitched leather, grass and dirt Football seat:

designer: Jefsper Kofoed Thomsen
materials: balloons and colored removable ribbons

designer: Bess Kristoffersen
materials: aluminum

designer: Babro Aaberg
material: ceramics

designer: Bent Vinkler
material: wickerwork and metal

designers: Nis Ollgaaard and Vagn Iversen
material: turtle as lid

About the designers:

A limited edition book of this art project is available:

for the book above e-mail [email protected] (book price is 40 euros)

The Pressalit line:

Available colors and finishes:

Isagervej 30
Dk-8680 Ry

Despite this one error, Trendir is a terrific and informative site.