GRAV Menorah Bong Gets Redesigned For Hanukkah, er Chronikkah.

Grav Menorah Bong

A few years back an all-borosilicate glass Menorah that functioned as a water pipe went viral when a video of it was posted on youtube. Since that time, the GRAV Menorah Bong, which functions equally well as both, has been redesigned for ease of use and scaled down for convenience.

GRAV Menorah Bong

GRAV Menorah (old)
The initial GRAV Menorah Bong was created by GRAV Labs for 420 Science, both reputable makers and retailers of bongs and other smoking paraphernalia. The water pipe doubled as a functional Menorah with which to celebrate the eight nights of Hanukkah.

menorah bong
The original and larger Menorah Bong from 2014

GRAV menorah bong

Sold exclusively by 420 science, these limited edition pipes are a creation from the head of GRAV Labs himself.

GRAV Menorah (new)
The redesigned model is a scaled down version of the previous one.

new Grav menorah bong
The new GRAV menorah bong is a scaled-down version

Now in a convenient desktop size of 14″ long, it still packs plenty of herb in the eight bowls, which are larger and have a convenient stem for handling.

The sturdy 4″ diameter base is wider and heaver than the previous version to keep it steady. The bowls are now much closer together for ease of lighting and the elevated mouthpiece design has been streamlined.

grav menorah redesign

The all glass water pipe also features the newer GRAV logo sandblasted into the piece.

GRAV menorah bong old and new

Created in a limited run of 60, the GRAV Menorah, includes the eight removable bowls and downstems which also function perfectly as candle cups.

Below is the video that went viral in 2014 featuring the original, and no longer available, design:

New GRAV Menorah
Scaled down version fits easily on your tabletop
Approximately 14″ long
Base width: 4″
Includes 8 x10 mm bowls and downstems
Limited edition run of 60 pieces
All sales final on this item.

menorah hanukkah bong

$379.99, Buy it here

Happy Chronikkah!

420 Science

GRAV labs 

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