A Global Triptych by Saype for Earth Day 2022

world in progress triptych by saype IIHIH

With a title like “WORLD IN PROGRESS” it’s no wonder we couldn’t think of a better artist with which to celebrate Earth Day than land artist Saype whose eco-friendly paintings on grass are both beautiful and meaningful.

Global Triptych by Saype – World In Progress

world in progress by saype

Land artist Saype has recently finished a three-part project with the completion of WORLD IN PROGRESS III, the last and final piece of the global triptych placed upon the grounds of 3 different UN headquarters: Geneva, New York and now Nairobi.

Saype, World in Progress III (detail), 2022, Nairobi
Saype, World in Progress III (detail), 2022, Nairobi
Saype land art world in progress
The artist on his World in Progress III to give you a sense of scale

“The three monumental paintings trace the iterative creation of an ideal world imagined by two children. From their first drawing through the creation of their origami, and finally coming to life in Nairobi, the giant biodegradable and ephemeral murals are painted directly on the lawn of the United Nations. A message of hope, “World in progress” reminds present generations of their duty towards the children of today and future generations not to lose sight of peace between nations and the preservation of the world’s environmental heritage.” – Saype


Saype, World In Progress, Geneva
Saype, World In Progress, 2019, Geneva
Saype, World in Progress
Saype, World in Progress (detail), 2019, Geneva

Material: Biodegradable paint on grass
When: 2019-2020
Size: 6.000m2
Location: ONU, Geneva (CH) 2020
Lat/Long: 46°13’34.0″N 6°08’31.0″E


Saype, World in Progress II, 2021 New York City
Saype, World in Progress II detail
Saype, World in Progress II (detail) , 2021 New York City

When: 2021
Material: Biodegradable on grass
Size: 11.000m2
Location: UN, New York City (USA) 2021
Lat/Long: 40°45’04.9″N 73°58’00.3″W


saype world in progress III in full
Saype, World In Progress III, 2022, Nairobi
Saype, World in Progress III (detail), 2022, Nairobi
Saype, World in Progress III (detail), 2022, Nairobi

When: 2022
Material: Biodegradable paint on grass
Size: 7,200 m2
Location: UN, Nairobi (KEN)
Lat/Long: 1°14’04.2″S 36°48’53.8″E

The self-taught artist, and former Nurse, started exploring land art in 2012. By 2019 he was named one of Forbes “thirty most influential personalities under the age of thirty” and was constantly busy doing commissions and projects all over the world

Inspired by the premise that graffiti is diluted in the pollution of our current society, he sought a new way to appeal to people. Influenced by culture and technology along with the timely the democratization of drones in Europe which gave Saype easy access to aerial views, he began to paint on grass.

He then invented a 100% biodegradable paint and perfected a process which enabled him to enormous gigantic frescoes on the ground, establishing him as a pioneer of a new land art movement.

Since then, these frescoes travel around the world, with a concern to appeal to people and society, minimizing its impact on nature. Its main objective is to put its art at the service of the human being, always with a concern for optimism and in a poetic way.

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all images © and courtesy of artist Saype