Really Good Gifts for Dog and Cat Moms

gifts for dog and cat moms

With the increasing number of adults waiting until later in life to start a family or opting to go childless, the number of homes in which child-free couples treat their pets like children has grown substantially. Once considered in poor taste, I now know few who won’t allow their dogs, cats and other furry creatures on the furniture or to sleep in their beds. This means the number of Pet Moms has grown and not unlike real moms, they also spend a lot of time, money and effort to give their ‘babies’ the best life possible. So we felt they too deserved to be honored with gifts for Dog and Cat Moms on Mother’s Day.

Gifts for Dog and Cat Moms on Mother’s Day

Gifts for Dog and Cat Moms on Mother’s Day? Yes, please.
Statistics have shown that a growing number of adults are waiting until at least 30 before considering children and an increasing percentage are choosing to forego children altogether. Conversely the number of adult households with a dog or cat as their chosen child has increased. This means there are a lot of people out there pulling dog duty and cat raising.

Mark Poulin Dog and Cat Jewelry

Mark Poulin’s adorable handmade jewelry is perfect for the Dog or Cat mom. His particular style of design and drawings will capture your heart.  With his enormous and always changing selection of sterling silver, pewter and enamel pendants, charms, earrings and rings, you’d be hard-pressed not to find something a Dog Mom would love.

Mark Poulin handmade jewelry
Just a few examples of Mark Poulin’s handmade dog jewelry. More here
Mark Poulin's handmade cat jewelry.
Some of Mark Poulin’s handmade cat jewelry. More here

Shop all of Mark Poulin’s jewelry here.

Dog and Cat Silhouette Wall Clocks

Acrylic dog wall clocks
Dog silhouette wall clocks are available in just about any breed imaginable.

Fully assembled and ready to hang, these handmade acrylic dog and cat wall clocks by Sol Pixie Dust are attractive and minimal. A strong black silhouette made of laser-cut acrylic is paired with white or red hands (your choice) and uses an EZ Quartz Sweep mechanism for a silent, non-ticking clock. RoHS Approved, they require a AA battery (not included)

Acrylic cat wall clock
The acrylic cat wall clocks come in several different feline poses.

Available in tons of dog breeds and several feline poses, they also sells leash holders, keychains and much more in dog and cat silhouettes.
Shop Sol Pixie Dust Wall Clocks here

The Nambe Pet Collection

Nambe pet collection silver alloy IIHIH

Nambé released a new pet collection designed by Karim Rashid which consists of elegant looking picture frames, pet bowls and treat jars. Sophisticated and stylish, it’s also affordable.

Shop the complete Nambe pet collection here

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