FUnicorns Don’t Give A F*ck

FUnicorns from Big Shot Toyworks

Big Shot Toyworks presents the FUnicorn. Limited edition resin sculptures in three variations for that rare person in your life that does not, and has not ever, given a fuck about anything.

FUnicorns from Big Shot Toyworks

As described on their site:
When douchiness abounds, dickishness is afoot and general jerkiness is slung about for no good reason…HE WILL BE THERE!

Bigshot Toyworks proudly presents the FUnicorn!! Riding to your aid like a majestical steed, dealing backhands of justice, with Zero Fucks given or taken. In a world of pretty ponies and other glitter-spewing magical creatures, the FUnicorn gallops across the land with his head held high, ready to spread his message… of love.

FUnicorn Original Taste the Rainbow Edition.
FUnicorn taste the rainbow edition 2

Capture the full color version for the direct, no-nonsense effect. This Original Colorway is an open edition, but the first production run will only contain 300 total in this colorway.

FUnicorn taste the rainbow edition 1

FUnicorn taste the rainbow edition 4 angles

FUnicorn Gold Medal Edition.
FUnicorn_gold edition2

Choose the Gold Medal color to award the FUnicorn to your own Zero Fucks Hero. The Gold Medal Edition is limited to 200 pieces.

FUnicorn_gold edition1

FUnicorn Bone White Edition.
Or choose Bone White if you’re truly not giving a fuck, right down to the bone. Prepare yourself for instant legendary status (free with purchase). Limited to 100.
FUnicorn BONE edition

The FUnicorn stands 7 inches tall, is hand crafted in resin and available in limited numbers.
Price $69 USD, buy any of the FUnicorn editions here

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Bigshot Toyworks is an award-winning creative shop with a focus on the design, development, and production of unique characters, illustrations, toys and art objects. Their work can be seen in national print, and TV advertising campaigns, toy stores, and art galleries around the world.

With roots deep in industrial design, toy design, digital sculpting and very close project management, the international team of designers and artisans at Bigshot has a unique ability to create incredibly vivid and detailed works of art that closely represent the heart, soul and vision of their creative partners. Unique understanding of design, a fine tuned development process and the endless drive to pull off the impossible are the driving force behind the studio.

Klim Kozinevich is the Bigshot at Bigshot, with nearly 20 years of experience in character-based product design, and the entertainment industry. From developing mascot characters, hand-sculpting prototypes to overseeing production of best-selling toys for mass market, Klim has worked and innovated in every area of the industry. At Bigshot, Klim is the creative lead and oversees all character design and development. As the heart and soul of Bigshot Toyworks, it is Klim’s unique vision and undeniable talents that have provided the company with its reputation for quality, reliability, and innovation.

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