Fun Faucets From Bongio: Just Add Water.

Bongio water faucets

Bongio of Italy makes water faucets (or taps), showers, showerheads and basins for the bath and kitchen. They have a wonderful collection of unique designs ranging from angular faucets to waterfall faucets –all functional and fun.

Fun Faucets From Bongio

Some echo Mondrian, others are inscribed with writing and their two latest lines are crafted of hand blown Murano glass.

One Evolution:
one evolution Bongio water faucets
riva Bongio water faucets
grip Bongio water faucets
miro water fauccet
Riva ht:

Riva art:
designer water faucets
Hommage to Mondrian:
mondrian water faucet
parole faucet bongio
aquaviva faucet bongio

They have just debuted two lines of Murano Glass faucets, basins, and shower heads; the Soffi Optical Collection made of black and white murano glass in graphic combinations and the Soffi Gold Fever Collection, made of opaque or polished murano glass with gold accents.

The Soffi Optical Collection:
murano glass water faucets
murano glass water faucets
murano glass water faucets
murano glass water faucets from bongio

And the Soffi Gold Fever Collection:
soffi murano glass faucet

murano glass water faucet
murano glass water faucet
modern water faucets

Visit their site to see their full lines here.