From Vacuums to Vespas. Unlikely Things Crystallized With Swarovski.

vacuums to vespas swarovski crystallized

Swarovski has done a superb job of marketing themselves. Once a company known for small knick knacks of Austrian crystal that stood on Grandma’s mantel and flat backed crystals for the BeDazzler crowd, they’ve reinvented themselves over the past decade with Swarovski Crystallized.

Unlikely Things Crystallized With Swarovski

Their foray into several things such as Swarovski Crystallized and Swarovski Elements; architectural elements and lighting, fine jewelry, sponsoring music and fashion events (Fashion Rocks), launching a magazine, outfitting hotels and more has turned them into a hip luxury brand recognized for blinging out everything from headphones to handbags. And The Swarovski Crystal Palace boasts some of the world’s most famous designers who have incorporated the crystals into their designs.

crystalrocked Swarovski embellished iPad cover
above: the Crystal Rocked iPad cover comes in different colors and has over 3,000 Swarovski crystals. Shop for it here

This is not my first post on Swarovski studded and encrusted items. Way back in 2007, I covered a ton of products embellished with the Austrian crystals on my Swarovski Studs Anything That Stands Still post. I’ve even blogged about Swarovski crystallized guitars, sinks and washbasins, band-aids and a bicycle. But get ready for some even more bizarre blinging.

By now we’ve become accustom to Swarovski studded computer and phone cases (even iPad covers like the one shown above), high end fashion embellished with the crystals and chandeliers clad in them. But several more unusual objects continue to be accented with the Austrian crystals and here’s just a few of the latest.

Swarovski Crystal vacuum:
A special edition of the Electrolux Ergorapido features Swarovski crystals. Designed by Polish fashion designer Lukasz Jemiol, the lightweight hand vac takes on a whole different feel when sparkling.
swarovski crystallized electrolux vaccuum2 if its hip its here
The special black edition Ergorapido is encrusted with 3,730 Swarovski crystals.
swarovski crystallized electrolux vaccuum if its hip its hereSwarovski Crystallized

Swarovski Crystal Dog bed:
swarovski crystal dog bed

The Blingmania Luxus Dog Lounge is reportedly the most expensive dog bed ever made. Made in Germany for Koko von Knebel, the cover of this velvet dog bed is covered with 95,000 Swarovski Crystals, that are not uncomfortable for your pet, but instead feel like a massage. Made to order, the bed can be adorned with your choice of color of Swarovski Crystals.

blingmania luxus dog bed

The cover is removable by a zipper and can be carefully washed by hand. The interior has an antibacterial/anti-allergenic filling. The external dimensions are 80 x 60 centimenters, height of the edge is 27 cm, and at the front is 12 cm. The cushion is 65 x 50 cm with 8 cm of filling.
12.999,00€ or approximately $16,626.00
Buy it here

Swarovski Crystal Dinnerware:
The Prouna Jewel collection is a series of formal China settings, teapots and more made with Swarovski Crystals that are actually dishwasher safe:
prouna jewels

See an extensive article on this dinnerware here.

Swarovski Coat Hooks:
swarovski coat hookswarovski home
The BOLT S is characterized by an embedded Swarovski, as is the Seawater Coat Hook. Both are available from Insilvis.

Swarovski Light Switches and dimmer switches:

The Fontini 1950 collection of jewel light switches and dimmer switches represent the “Haute Couture” of interior design. These electrical mechanisms in metal are custom-built. It is possible to choose the finishes, the formats and the colours of the exclusive SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

Fontini 1950 collection
see the collection here.

Swarovski Crystal Home Furnishings

Colombostile’s special edition Swarovski cabinet:
special edition Swarovski cabinet
Hand-made in Italy, this cabinet is finished in platinum gold leaf and fully covered with Crystallized Swarovski elements). The inside has a silk effect lacquer and one drawer in platinum gold leaf finish covered with velvet.

The Diamond Collection from Edra:
Damier Chaise Longue:
 Diamond Collection from Edra

Italian modern furniture design company Edra has a special sparkling collection of their chairs and sofas. The Diamond collection takes some of their pieces by various designers and adds a luxurious light and glow by adding Swarovski Crystals.


Swarovski Crystallized furniture
On The Rocks:


The Tatlin:
edra tatlin

Swarovski Crystal Wallcoverings:
The Swarovski Crystal accented wallpaper from Maya Romanoff is available with either a clear Swarovski crystal accent or a Swarovski pearl accent.
Maya Romanoff wallpaper

Maya Romanoff

Johanna Basford created this stunning Delirium wallpaper that is accented with Swarovski Crystals:
Delirium wallpaper accented with Swarovski Crystals

Johanna Basford

Swarovski Crystal Vintage Vespa:
Swarovski Crystal Vintage Vespa

And thanks to Born Rich, I discovered this blinged out Vespa made by German company Stonerichworld. The 1961 Vespa VVB 150 is covered in 150,000 Swarovski crystals. It took four years for to develop a technique to apply the crystals without tearing down the underlining original paint and this scooter will run you a whopping $321,150.