From Vacuums to Vespas. Unlikely Things Crystallized With Swarovski.

vacuums to vespas swarovski crystallized

Swarovski has done a superb job of marketing themselves. Once a company known for small knick knacks of Austrian crystal that stood on Grandma’s mantel and flat backed crystals for the BeDazzler crowd, they’ve reinvented themselves over the past decade with Swarovski Crystallized. Read more

Another Edgy Design Collection, Arctic Rock Furniture.

Sculpted entirely out of wood, the Arctic Rock series by Studio JSPR is a collection of high gloss white furniture whose unusual hard angular accents resemble both origami and of course, its namesake… Arctic Rock.

The collection consists of tables, chairs, bar stools, seats and accessories for hotel, restaurant, or home living purposes. And there is a matching vase available, the ‘Diamond Vase’, made out of Bone China, that has been developed in collaboration with Pol’s Potten.

The collection:

The Bone China vase:

About JSPR:
JSPR is an interior design brand that is always creating remarkable new collections and unique interiors. Their passion is to create designs that both stand for high quality products and for innovation and creativity realized through professional craftsmanship. Among JSPR’s clients are hotels, restaurants, shops, architects, and individual consumers.

JSPR is always experimenting with new innovative materials in its production studio. This results in a unique range of handmade product and furniture collections. Aside from this, JSPR also creates custom-made interiors, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Studio JSPR was founded in 2005 by Jasper van Grootel who graduated at the Design Academy Eindhoven under supervision of Oscar Penya. Now, in 2007, we consist of a 6 man strong independent designer team which stands for the solid base of our company. Creative designers, supported by a technical and economical educated staff, make sure that every product or project is realised to everybody’s maximum satisfaction.

Lichttoren 270
5611BJ Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Visit Studio JSPR here.

If you like angular designs, then you’ve gotta see these:

The works of Buchegger Denoth Feichtner Design

Vibrator Chandeliers, Camo BBQs And More At Sundayland

I’ve written about Sundayland’s unusual and original products for the home by the Gerscovich brothers before in the context of other articles. But if you’re not familiar with Sundayland, it’s time you were.

Young and hip, brothers Juan Diego and Fernando hail from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They studied architecture and then came to the US to work with Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects and Alejandro Ortiz Architects.

above: brothers Juan Diego and Fernando Gerscovich

Their first project was a 2003 commission for a front yard of a home in Venice, California and from there… Sundayland was born.

Based in Culver City, Sundayland has a small range of products but they are not easily forgotten.

Their newest addition to their collection is this faux ‘brick’ sideboard and cowhide rug:

The Japanese cowhide rug in the images above and below is available from Pure Rugs, a company that partnered with the Gerscovich brothers.

Pure’s 2009 collection includes eleven models of Patchwork Cowhide Rugs featuring The Japanese Cowhide (designed by Fernando Gerscovich-Juan Diego Gerscovich-Emily Kroll) The Pampa Sol & Noche (designed by Fernando and Juan Diego Gerscovich) and The Kahn (designed by Fernando and Juan Diego Gerscovich), ten models of Natural Cowhides, Zebra Cowhides, four models of Patagonian Sheepskin Rugs and the Sundayland Sheepskin Beanbags.

Their dyed sheepskin Pantone Rugs:

Their sheepskin Pouf and mini pouf

Their Camo Weber BBQ, the Knorr-Swiss, a six-wood veneer cube and a colored mini pouf:

Their Praying Car-Mat, a persian rug -like floormat for your car that comes in 4 different colors and patterns. And the Sylvia, a chandelier made of silver plastic vibrators:

Telephone table and the Water-Boy, a cooler that can be wrapped in any one of three laminated photos; Mountain, Beach or Arctic:

5’9″ tall floor lamps, the Woody in oak, in cherry and the Fidji:

The Straight Table whose frame and legs consists of 8 solid builder construction measuring levels:

The Cactus table has a built in area for the succulent and its pot:

The faux marble table, ironically called The 1000 Pound, is filled with styrofoam and works for indoors and out:

Sundayland is located at 3818 Willat Avenue, Culver City, CA 90232. They do not sell online, but can be contacted by phone at +1 310 204 3848 or by emailing them.
You can visit their other venture, Pure Rugs, here.