Surfboards Inspired By WWII Fighter Planes From Kana.

surfboards inspired by fighter planes

Kana Surfboards runs the gamut when it comes to the long, short and special boards they design and create. Their designs include high-end Carbon Fiber and Diamond (metallic auto paint) surfboards, stunning custom wood boards, even recyclable bamboo fiber resin boards. And now… Surfboards inspired by Fighter Planes.

Surfboards Inspired By Fighter Planes

What caught my eye (admittedly, as a designer and not as a surfer) were their P-51 series of boards. A collection of both long and short boards inspired by fighter planes from World War II. Take a look.

The P-40:
surfboards inspired by Fighter Planes

The P-51A and P-51B:
kana surfboards

The P-51C and P-51D:
Kana surfboards inspired by Fighter Planes

B25 Bomber Boards in Blue and Black:
fighter plane surfboards

Kana Surfboards is dedicated to engineering original high performance boards that are unlike any other board in the water. Kana is constantly working with new materials and new designs to promote self expression and the pursuit of the perfect surf experience. Designed in Orange County, our boards are influenced by both the laid-back beach culture along with the cut-throat attitude of the city.

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