Freelance Achievement Stickers Are Badges Of Honor For Those Who Work From Home

Brooklyn resident Jeremy Nguyen clearly knows what it’s like to be a freelancer. His satirical Freelance Achievement Stickers created for The New Yorker ring true for most of us who are self-employed and work from home.

Freelance Achievement Stickers

Tasks as seemingly simple as putting on pants and venturing outdoors become, at the very least, an interruption for those of us who work from home. Rolling out of bed in the morning we head straight to the computer to start reading the responses and reactions to the work we’d sent out the night before, often not completed until 1:00 am.

No time (need?) for a shower or a shave, the life of a freelancer is an all-encompassing reclusive one. Chained to our technical devices, our moods dependent upon client feedback, we rarely take time out to eat a decent meal and getting paid is the highlight of our month.

Jeremy ‘s Freelance Achievement Stickers nail what the self-employed consider quite a feat – such as actually going outside or finally hitting the send button on that PDF.

Sadly, Jeremy has no plans to market the stickers, but I spoke with him and he had this nice sentiment to share:
“It’s nice that there are a lot of freelancers out there who are facing the same hurdles and can relate. I’m relatively new to this lifestyle and some days (many days) I don’t earn any stickers. I make progress everyday and I make mistakes all the time. People out there who are one-person machines are my inspiration, and I hope it gets to a point where we can all do what we love.”- Jeremy Nguyen

Having been a freelancer for over 12 years, they certainly resonate with me and I’m sure my fellow work-from-home freelancers will agree.


Jeremy Nguyen


Spotted in the New Yorker here
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