Fly-Shaped Smoke Detector Lives Longer Now

lento fly-shaped smoke detector 10yr battery

The Lento 10 is an upgraded version of the fun fly-shaped smoke detector we first shared with you here. Finnish designer Paola Suhonen’s ceiling mount smoke detector has been technically upgraded with an installed battery that lasts the recommended lifetime of the product, eliminating the need to change batteries.

Fly-shaped Smoke Detector

Fly-shaped Smoke Detector

The Lento 10 smoke alarm uses photoelectric detection technology to sense smoke from different types of fires. Unit’s photoelectric (optical) detection method works by sensing infrared rays scattered by visible smoke particles.

fly-shaped smoke alarms

The whimsical design looks great in children’s rooms, funky offices, playrooms and some kitchens. Available in white, silver gray, black, light green or rose, it mounts easily to the ceiling.

fly-shaped smoke detector

The smoke alarm is equipped with a self diagnostic and checking feature to ensure correct operation through its service life. The entire front surface functions as a test button.

fly-shaped smoke detector

The device operates so that when the smoke is present, device will release a loud and continuous warning siren to alert residents.

fly-shaped smoke detectors

Available in white, silver gray, black, light green or rose, the Lento 10 comes with a non-replaceable 10-year Lithium battery, double-sided adhesive tape and mounting screws.
The Lento 10 has been tested and certified in EU.

lento 10 fly-shaped smoke detector

Technical Features:
» Photoelectric Smoke alarm
» 10 year mounted Lithium battery
» Automatic power activation upon installation
» Fast installation with 3M double sided tape or with mounting screws
» Entire surface functions as a test button
» Silent function
» Loud 85 dB warning signal
» 5 year warranty
» Tested and certified in EU (EN14604:2005, EN14604:2005/AC:2008)
» Awarded design
» Lento size: 185 mm — 175 mm — 48 mm

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