Flat Shoes, Funnel Necks and Fanny Packs? A Look At Chanel’s 2014 Haute Couture Collection.

Chanel 2014 collection

It was a bold move by Karl Lagerfeld and CHANEL to put all their runway models in flat tennis shoes for their 2014 Spring Summer Haute Couture show, but it was a bad move.

Chanel’s 2014 Haute Couture Collection

Chanel 2014 collection

Chanel’s 2014 Haute Couture Collection. Attempting to play up the ‘sporty’ aspect of the largely sparkly haute couture collection for Spring/Summer 2014, many of the models look like those dreadful commuter women who carry their heels in a bag while they take public transportation to work.

And, you know that if a 5’10” stick skinny model on the runway looks dumpy, any other woman who attempts to wear it will look god-awful.

To top it off, the sneakers are just plain ugly (lace or sequin covered with gossamer shoelaces) and not unlike what you see overweight sweat-suit clad mothers wearing in Palm Springs.

Some of the sneakers on the runway:

I’ve never been a fan of funnel necks and fanny packs and this collection was full of them.

Funnel necks and flats:

That said, many of the pieces in the large collection are beautiful – especially the floor length gowns- and all have the expert craftsmanship expected of CHANEL. Mixing textures and patterns, the collection includes everything from structured dresses and rompers to harem pants and glittering sheer suits.

Some of the beautiful gowns:

In terms of the styling, the models sported hair pieces and crystals applied under their eyes, both of which were interesting:

But I had a lot of trouble getting beyond the fanny packs, knee pads and elbow pads on some of the models (I’ve already bagged on the ugly shoes). I don’t care if it’s CHANEL, it’s a friggen fanny pack, for god’s sake. And unless you are going down on a Rap artist or taking part in a luxury roller derby, no one should wear embellished elbow and knee pads.

Fanny packs with matching elbow and knee pads:

And this? WTF is this?:

I like the large emphasis on the waist in many of the silhouettes and the take on their classic CHANEL jacket in this collection. But, given how much I usually admire CHANEL couture, the unflattering bubble skirts, old-lady sneakers and silly accessories ruined the collection -which does have some amazing pieces in it – for me.

Take a look and decide for yourself.

The Entire Collection:

Close-up images of some of the prettiest and ugliest details: