Dito Von Tease Gives The Finger To Famous Faces.

Dito Von Tease Gives The Finger To Famous Faces at if it's hip, it's here

An Italian artist and art director who uses the internet moniker ‘Dito Von Tease’ has a fun on-going project called Ditology. In Ditology he transforms his own index finger into portraits of everyone from well-known politicians to iconic cartoon characters. Celebrities, movie characters, Dictators, even famous art subjects get the point.

Finger Portraits


From Pope Papa Francesco to Pikachu, “Il Dito” (a nickname that means The Finger in Italian), creates the tongue-in-cheek images using his imagination and Photoshop. Each finger portrait takes him from 8 to 16 hours to create.

40 of my favorites:
zuckerburg finger portraitdito ObamaMRtSpock fingerMOZARThitler finger portraitBarbie finger portraitthe gimpubangisteve jobsfidel castrofrida finger portraitghanditotorosmurfditoSPIDERMANhanibal lechterditoWRESTLING

The Ditalians
The initial project has grown and spurred many off-shoots, one of which is the Ditalians Project, a series of famous historical and cultural Italians.

The Ditalians project

The Ditology Finger Portrait Generator:

There’s also a Ditology app, a finger portrait generator available for download here.

On his website, Il Dito describes the project as follows:


I started the Ditology-project in 2009, when I decided to create my account on the Facebook. I wanted this to become a virtual space to be free from relatives, colleagues and not-very-friends. That’s why I decided to create an avatar.

In Italian someone could say I wanted to “hide myself behind my finger” (trans. “nascondermi dietro un dito”): it’s a metaphor to indicate a not-very-effective hiding place!

My desire to hide myself from real life made me think about people’s identity and mine. So I used the image of a finger to suggest that we all try to hide ourselves behind an image of us we create.

That’s my finger: the representation of the changing masks everybody wears in playing life… probably to preserve the fragile individual uniqueness of our finger-print.

* * *

I’m known as “il Dito”, that’s Italian for “the Finger”. My complete nickname is Dito Von Tease. This name is inspired to Dita Von Teese, the famous icon of “bourlesque” style and expert in disguises. But her second name “Teese” becomes “Tease” to give the idea of an appetizing: a funny invitation to people to be curious about the complex mystery of personal identities.

And this is the reason why I am specifically an index-finger, indicating and questioning YOU for a reflection about your own identity.

The characters I choose to create my portraits are taken from news, historical events, arts, politics and so on. If our image is “the finger behind we hide”, this is true especially for celebrities, who live of their masks. All the rest is just my happy hand, creativity, and photoshop. Every portrait is a small and detailed handicraft, taking from 8 to 16 work hours.

* * *

The Ditology-project wants to invite everybody to look beyond the “masks” we use in playing our lives and to go deep to find our unique “fingerprint”.

In the “digital age” (digitus is Latin for finger) the finger is the “tool” we use in our touch-screens, mouse pads and keyboard. Thus everybody is “hidden behind his finger” while surfing the internet and especially in social networks.

Often or at least sometimes, hiding ourselves in our digital identity, we fill freer to express ideas, opinions, sensations and dreams we probably don’t (can’t?) express as clearly in real life.

A few self-portraits by Il Dito:


Limited edition Giclee prints of the Finger Portraits are available to purchase from Ingo Finke and photographic prints are available at Sakura Galerie

The One and Only, Genuine, Original Website of Ditology at https://ditology.blogspot.it/