Fine Art Easter Eggs Painted by Maria Troitskaya – 60 of them!

fine art easter eggs

Russian-born Pastry Chef Maria Troitskaya of “Marie Oiseau Pâtisserie” makes architecturally inspired cakes and baked goods that are simply stunning. In addition, much to the delight of this Art History enthusiast, she also hand-paints Easter Eggs in the likenesses of well-known artworks by instrumental painters throughout history each year and has done so for almost a decade. What an Easter treat for us all!

60 Hand-Painted Fine Art Easter Eggs

The Fine Art Easter Eggs by Architectural Cake Artist Marie Troitskaia were a delight for me to find. The kind of project I always say I will get to someday has, thankfully, been completed by someone else. Going by @marie_oiseau on Social Media, Marie works as a pastry architect in France, Russia and abroad, giving master classes all around the world, creating dessert lists for restaurants and pastry shops and coming up with new techniques and recipes.

Painted Easter Eggs 2021
fine art easter eggs by marie oiseau
• Ellsworth Kelly, Orange Blue, 1957
• Niko Pirosmani, Fisherman in a Red Shirt, 1908
• Jean-Michel Basquiat, Grillo, 1984
• Paul Sérusier, Le Talisman,1888
• Theo Van Doesburg, Contra-Composition des Dissonances, XVI, 1925
• David Hockney, A bigger splash, 1967

I’m just blown away by these. From Russian Constructivism to Impressionism to Art Nouveau to Pop to Modern, she has covered all the major art genres since she began hand painting Easter Eggs back in 2013. Starting out a little crude, she’s perfected using the eggs as canvases over time. Below are her Easter Eggs to date going back to 2013, totaling 60 at the time of this post.

More from 2021
marie oiseau easter eggs 2021 B
• Vincent Van Gogn, The starry night, 1889
• Piet Mondrian, Composition in red, yellow, blue and black, 1921
• Vladimir Tatlin, Female model, 1913
• Kazimir Malevich, Suprematism, 1916
• Pablo Picasso, Bather, 1928
• Mark Rothko, White center, 1950

Painted Easter Eggs 2020
dine art paintings on easter eggs
• Paul Klee, “Red Bridge”, 1928
• Charley Harper, Tortoise & the Hare, 1980s
• Giorgio de Chirico, Piazza d’Italia, 1913
• Salvador Dali, The Persistence of Memory, 1931
• Arkhip Kuinji, Moonlight Night on the Dniepr, 1882
• Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, Bathing of a Red Horse, 1912

Painted Easter Eggs 2019
marie oiseau painted eggs
• Edgar Degas, Danseuses bleues,1897
• Amedeo Modigliani, Nu féminin assis sur un divan, 1917
• M. C. Escher, Reptiles, 1943
• Paul Cézanne, Mardi Gras, 1888
• Victor Vasarely, Vega 200, 1968
• Jasper Johns, False Start, 1959

Painted Easter Eggs 2018
marie oiseau easter eggs
• Frida Kahlo “The broken column” 1944,
• Kees van Dongen “The Corn Poppy” 1919,
• Mikhaïl Vroubel “The lilacs” 1900,
• Claude Monet “Sunrise” 1872,
• Hokusai “The Great Wave” 1832,
• Nicholas Roerich “Thought” 1946

Prior to 2018, Marie did not include the name of the artwork along with the artist.

Painted Easter Eggs 2017
handpainted easter eggs
• Yayoi Kusama
• Lyubov Popova
• Michel Larionov
• Cy Twombly
• Aubrey Beardsley
• Paul Gauguin

Painted Easter Eggs 2016
russian constructivism
• Joan Miro
• Alexander Deineka
• Fernand Leger
• Marc Chagall
• Ilya Gregoravitch Chashnik
• Edvard Munch

Painted Easter Eggs 2015

• Rene Magritte
• Wassily Kandinsky
• Le Corbusier
• El Lissitzky
• Henri Matisse
• Andy Warhol

Painted Easter Eggs 2014
fine art paintings on easter eggs
• William Morris
• Vincent van Gogh
• Alphonse Mucha
• Gustav Klimt
• Henri Rousseau
• Pablo Picasso

Painted Easter Eggs 2013
fine art easter eggs
• Rene Mackintosh
• Kasimir Malevich
• Piet Mondrian
• Jackson Pollock
• Mark Rothko
• Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Pastry Chef Maria Troitskaya
Pastry Chef Maria Troitskaya

How’s that for inspiration?

Marie Oiseau

all images courtesy of Pastrychef “Marie Oiseau Pâtisserie” on Instagram