Fathers. Having One and Being One As Seen By Phillip Toledano.

Fatherhood photo essays by Phillip Toledano

Two of the most beautiful and insightful photo essays about fatherhood I have ever seen were penned and photographed by the same talented man: Phillip Toledano.

Fatherhood Photo Essays

Days With My Father
days with my father
Phillip Toledano’s incredibly moving account of his experiences with his father after his mother’s death will have you crying and laughing simultaneously.
phil toledano days with my father
The very personal and touching journal, filled with poignant photography, documents the three years Phillip spent taking care of his father who was suffering from dementia.
Phillip Toledano Days With My Father
It available in a hardcover bound book or as an online experience you can look at the book spreads here

The Reluctant Father
phil toledano relucant father
His second book is a funny and frank account of how it took Phillip, who first became a father at forty, 18 months to fall in love with his beautiful daughter, Loulou.
phil toledano relucant father3
The book bravely chronicles the first year and a half as a time of torment, dismay, and confusion. The blinding light of unalloyed love came later.
the relucant father cover
It available in a hardcover bound book or as an online experience you can scroll through  here

Phillip Toledano is an Englishman living in New York. With an established international reputation, he has been a photographer and artist for the last twelve years. In that time, he has published four books, ranging in subject from plastic surgery, phone sex, and failing businesses through to the last years he spent with his father. His work combines great poignancy with a rich vein of humor.

Phil-Toledano photo

In his own words:

“I was born in 1968 in London, to a French Moroccan mother and an American father.
I have a BA in English literature. My art education came from my father, who was a full time artist.
It would be fair to say that I learned by osmosis.
I consider myself a conceptual artist: Everything starts with an idea, and the idea determines the execution.
Consequently, my work varies in medium, from photography to installation, sculpture and painting. The themes of my work are primarily socio-political, although lately I’ve strayed into the deeply personal.”

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Days with My Father
The Reluctant Father

Happy Father’s Day!

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