From Dad To Son. An Animated Short Perfect For Father’s Day.

from dad to son short film

I was so happy to come across this charming and impressive award-winning 5 minute animated short so I could share it in honor of Father’s Day.

From Dad To Son

From Dad To Sonfrom dad to son

This story, and similar tales, have been inspired by the centuries old Aesop’s fable “The father and his sons” (600 B.C.).;They have been told and re-told as various anecdotes and urban myths. In «From Dad To Son» director and designer Nils Knoblich translates a written narrative into a paper-crafted animated short, bringing the moral from Aesop’s original fable (Disunited families are easily injured by others) to light with a creative and contemporary execution.

Watch the entire 5 minute film, you won’t be sorry.

The film has been screened in 2012-13 at more than 130 film festivals and received 12 awards*.

Nils at work on the film:
Nils at work on From dad to son IIHIH

Some more stills from the film for you:
from dad to son 2 IIHIHfrom dad to son 3 IIHIHTo Dad from Son hero IIHIHfrom dad to son 4 IIHIHfrom dad to son 5 IIHIHfrom dad to son 6 IIHIHfrom dad to son credits1 IIHIHfrom dad to son credits 2 IIHIHfrom dad to son credits 3

Make your own “prisoner/son” with this free papercraft sheet:
from dad to son papercraft fun IIHIH

Direction & Design: Nils Knoblich
Script: Nils Knoblich & Stephan Hanf
Production: Nils Knoblich & Stephan Hanf & Kunsthochschule Kassel
Animation: Nils Knoblich, Florian Maubach, Olga Gelwer
Set and Puppet Construction: Florian Maubach, Olga Gelwer, Marie Kersting
Music Production: Georg Conrad
Violin: Josefine Knoblich
Sound Effects: Steffen Martin
Artistic Advice: Thomas Meyer-Hermann, Martina Bramkamp, Hendrik Dorgathen
Funded by Hessische Filmförderung

*Festival Awards
Festival Internacional de Cine de Monterrey, MEX – Best International Animated Short Award
GoEast Wiesbaden, DE / Student competition – Winner of Audience award in the category Animated and Experimental films
Puchon International Student Animation Festival, KOR – Yuhan College President Prize (International)
SoDak Animation Festival South Dakota, US – Best Undergraduate Animation
International Film Festival Antigua Barbuda, AG – Best Animated Award 2012
Le Pedrera Short Film Festival, UY – Best Animation Price & Price for Best Script
LMU Munich U-Kino, DE – Winner audience award
School of Arts and Design Kassel, DE – Rundgangspreis 2012 der Galerie Loyal
Monstronale Halle, D – 2nd prize
Visionale Hessen, DE – 2nd prize Young Professionals
Kurzfilmfestival der Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart, DE – 2nd prize
Vilsflimmern Amberg, DE – 2nd prize
Krok, RUS – Diploma
Hamburg Animation Award, D – Top 10 Nomination
Solanin Film Festival, PL – Honorary Mention for “Simple form, concept and true smile”
Norwegian Student Film Festival, NO – Honorary Mention

Aesop’s Fables should be a staple in every home. Don’t have a copy? get one here.