Famous Faces and Frames Made With Sticks And Sunglasses.

A couple of months ago photographer Philip Karlberg came up with the idea of pin or stick art, a concept he’d had in mind for years. Only he didn’t know exactly what it could be used for. However, after a test with sunglasses, that turned out to his liking, he sent the images of Philip Karlberg Stick Art Portraits to Plaza Magazine, and a week later he started shooting an editorial for them.

Philip Karlberg Stick Art Portraits

Philip Karlberg Stick Art Portraits

Karlberg says it was a real challenge to ”sculpture” the faces of these six well-known classic wearers of sunglasses (all shown in this post). It took him six days to shoot the six faces, and around 1,200 sticks were used.

Karl Lagerfeld:

Johnny Depp:

Lady Gaga:

John Belushi:

Jackie O (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis):

Steve McQueen:

Some images from the photoshoot:

all images courtesy of Philip Karlberg
Philip Karlberg