The Face Of Baseball – Derek Jeter Made of 10,000+ Tiny Baseballs

Derek Jeter Baseball Mosaic

Watchmakers Movado wanted something very special for their company spokesman, New York Yankee legend Derek Jeter, for whom they have just created a new line of watches. To create a unique portrait, they hired Jellio, famous for their fun and funky installations and unique products.

kevin champney with face of baseball derek jeter portrait IIHIH
above: Kevin Champney of Jellio beside his mosaic, The Face of Baseball

Derek Jeter Baseball Mosaic

“The Face of Baseball” is a mosaic made by Kevin Champeny of Jellio. Champney hand cast tons of tiny 1/2″ diameter baseballs, chose a color palette, painted them and built a 48” x 60” mosaic using over 10,000 of the mini painted resin baseballs.

The palette:
derek jeter baseball portrait palette IIHIH
The cast 1/2″ diameter resin baseballs:
derek jeter baseball portrait detail 3 IIHIH
painted cast baseballs:
derek jeter baseball portrait detail 2 IIHIH
Painted baseballs, ready to build the mosaic:
derek jeter baseballs for portrait IIHIH
The portrait in progress:
derek jeter baseball portrait in progress IIHIH
derek jeter baseball portrait detail 4 IIHIH
final portrait:
derek jeter baseball portrait 1 IIHIH
close ups:
derek jeter baseball portrait 2 IIHIH
derek jeter baseball protrait detail 1 IIHIH
images courtesy of Jellio and Kevin Champney

Today ‪‎Derek Jeter‬ is set to play ball for the last time at Yankee Stadium. This portrait is the perfect farewell to “The Captain”