Ethno Eames Chairs, Ornate Versions of the LCW in Bronze and Aluminum

ethno eames chairs

Designer Paolo Giordano of Italy created limited editions of these Ethno Eames Chairs. Stunning ornate cast bronze, aluminum and gold-plated versions of the mid-century modern classic LCW chairs as an homage to Ray and Charles Eames. The chairs have identical silhouettes to the original wood chairs but are intricately engraved bronze and aluminum versions.

Ethno Eames Chairs

bronze eames lcw

Ethno Eames Chairs

“The application of ethnic Indian decoration to modern design icons is at first sight provocative. It is the layering of ornamentation on pieces that originated precisely in the refusal of decoration; the uniting of thought and ideas that were historical opposites.

I believe, however, that these objects acquire a new identity as distinctive yet indefinable hybrids, somehow so coherent they make us forget the reasons of the separate initial gestures.

An example of how visual language leads its own spirited life.” — Paolo Giordano

cast aluminum chair

limited edition, 20 + 1 AP
68 x 56 x 61cm
Price (subject to change) £9,773.00 ($15,142.77)
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Ethno Eames Chairs

Ethno Eames Chairs

cast bronze chair

limited edition, 7 + 1 AP
68 x 56 x 61cm
Price £18,108.00 ($28,057.44)
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new gold-plated chair

The new gold version of the Ethno Eames chair gold plated, is conceived for the showrooms of one of the world’s most luxurious fashion brands.

gold-plated etho eames chair hero IIHIH

Limited Edition 7+1
price upon inquiry

Made in Italy for I and I

About designer Paolo Giordano:
Born in Naples 1954, he studied architecture at Milan Politecnico and graduated in 1978. He now lives and works in Milan.

In 1996, Paolo founded the I+I company, with the idea of producing a contemporary design collection for the home with products made by hand from different continents. Since then he continues to direct the I+I company from both a creative and commercial point of view. He also collaborates as an artistic consultant for Italian furniture companies (textile and accessories) and has participated in numerous international exhibitions.