It’s Electric. It Folds. And It’s Smarter Than You. The Gi FlyBike. [Updated]

The Gi Flybike

The new Gi FlyBike (initially named the Gi Bike) is a full-sized folding electric bike with wireless smartphone integration. Weighing only 37lbs and made from 100% recyclable aircraft grade aluminum alloy, the bike is loaded with features, looks futuristic and comes with its own GPS system and USB port for both Android and iOS phones.

The Gi FlyBike

the electric folding Flybike

Lightweight (37 lbs) and easy-to-use, the Gi FlyBike is mobile phone integrated, eco-friendly and folds in one-second and one-motion for seamless portability.

electric bike

The bike has full-sized, 26” tires, 3-speed electric assistance propelling riders up hills and traveling 40 miles on one charge, a GPS tracking system, iOS and Android sync turning any smartphone into a full-view navigation system and a smart-lock anti-theft system that remotely secures the bike.

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Unique Fly Folding System: Fold Gi FlyBike in just one-second in a single, simple motion. The bike’s lightweight design (37 lbs), allows you to swiftly ready the bike both for both storage and use. Additionally, Gi FlyBike, unlike its competitors, has normal, 26x 1.5” wheels (with disc brakes) – comfortable, secure and devoid of any gimmicks.

gi flybike features

new ebike

Electric ‘Flight’ Assistance: Gi FlyBike is an electric bike; each time you pedal you will be assisted by a smart electric engine that makes your commute easy, propelling you up hills and going 40 miles on one charge of the LifePo battery. Whether traveling up-hill or on a difficult terrain you will always remain in motion, with three levels of assistance available allowing a maximum speed of 15 mph.

electric folding bike from Argentina

“The intelligent app will foresee any detractions from your set-route, enroute,” says Gi FlyBike. “Hazards, constructions, heavy traffic, will be constantly updated by users via social integration, making the Gi Fly your perfect companion when time’s running short.”

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Smart Locking System and Sharing Program: Your Gi FlyBike will lock automatically once you are 15 feet from the folded bike. The Gi FlyBike App detects the distance and does the job for you. You can also share your Gi FlyBike in a safe way. Just use your App to send your friend an exclusive unlocking code. The code ensures that that person, and only that person, can use the bike.

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Once folded, it’s only 900mm (3ft) long and 1,020mm (3ft 4in) tall, and you can shift it around like wheeled luggage.


Anti-Puncture Tires and Non-Grease Belt Drive: Gi FlyBike has solid tires. Soft enough for the ride, hard enough not to give out to sharp obstacles. Gi FlyBike is also grease-free thanks to the carbon belt that doesn’t require a lubricant.

Saddle: A shock absorbing system and silicone gel inserts with thickness around the
cutout ensures ultimate comfort.

gi Flybike

Gi FlyBike is available for pre-order on Kickstarter today () with a goal of $75,000. The first 300 bikes for “early bird” backers will be priced at $1990, after which the cost will be $2290 for the remainder of the campaign. Orders are expected to be delivered in the summer of 2016.