Eight Pancake Portraits From Snooki To The GOS and A Video Of The Artist At Work.

Snooki as a Pancake

Artist Katherine Kalnes of La Grange, Illinois has been frying up celebrity pancake portraits with Batter Blaster (pancake batter in a can) for awhile now. The 26 year old Kalnes adds frosting for hair and blueberries, raisins and chocolate chips for the eyes.

Pancake Portraits

above: Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattison pancakes

above: Katherine Kalnes at work with Batter Blaster.

You may have seen the Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling. Kelly Ripa, Stephen Colbert and Ellen Degeneres pancake portraits on HuffPo or Oddity Central, but Snooki and the heart throbs from the Twilight movies, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattison, are two of her latest delicious additions.

Ryan Gosling:

Justin Beiber:

Kelly Ripa:

Ellen Degeneres:

Stephen Colbert:

Video of an interview with the artist for NBC Chicago:

all images courtesy of and ©Katherine Kalnes